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Here's a list of all the informative articles on Glamatronic.Net providing beauty, fashion and makeup advice & tips. 

Fall & Winter 2011 Fashion Trends - Tips On How To Make Them Work for YOU!
-How to pull-off the current fashion trends for Fall & Winter 2011. Find your perfect look this season. How to wear lace, 60's era clothing, be rad in plaid, look like a modern pinup girl and more!!

Professional Makeup Artist Kit Master List, How To Build A MA Kit
-How to build a professional makeup artist kit. Which items and shades to keep stocked-up as well as a few random tips and brand suggestions.

BB Creams, Beauty Creams an overview featuring MAC
- What are BB Creams? An explanation and overview of Beauty Balms.

 Jeans for your personal body type
Find the right jeans for your body type including plus size, maternity, short, tall, hippy, large waist, etc

Products for Perfect Eyebrows
-A few of my favorite eyebrow product recommendations as well how to create a higher arch and other tips.

Tips to get Shiny Hair for Spring & Summer 
-Steps to follow for healthy, shiny hair. 

Do You Need A Consultant? 
-Information about finding a Consulting, what they do and how they can help your business
Fun Fashion Accessories - Feather Earrings
-Feather Earrings From Charlotte Russe 

How To Apply False Lashes
-A step-by-step guide on how to apply false lashes as well as a few of my tips/tricks.

Beginner Makeup Kits
-Explains which items are the best to start a makeup kit as well particular color choices based on skin tone and more.

Top 5 Sexy Makeup Looks
-Top 5 Makeup tips including smokey eyes, nude lips, perfect red lips, cat eyes, glowy skin and more.

Halle Berry Makeup Secrets & Tips
-Makeup Advice from Halle Berry, as well as her favorite products and beauty secrets.

6 Quick Beauty/Fashion Tips To Spice-Up Your Winter
-An article offering advice on six easy ways to change-up your beauty/fashion routine for winter.

How To Get Flawless Skin
-Step-by-Step instructions and advice on how to improve the quality of your skin and even fake flawless skin.

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers About Lipsticks & Glosses
-All the information you'll ever need about lip products.

A Guide To Basic Makeup Brushes
-A list of basic makeup brush types, brush functions and brush recommendations for beginners.

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