About Glamatronic

All articles and reviews are written by Sosha Duckworth. She is a makeup artist, writer, designer editor and indie shop owner with  a B.A. in English and a minor in Journalism.  She has recently started her own makeup and jewelry line, Glamatronic Couture, which can be found at here. She's a beauty addict with a passion for bright colors and expression through art, whether it be makeup, fashion, writing or music and enjoys anything creative and artistic. She believes makeup is an art form and I loves expressing herself through makeup and love sharing tips and ideas with others through my makeup Glamatronic.Net

    • Readers can contact Sosha anytime with questions, comments or requests.Please email: glamatronic@yahoo.com
    • Companies interested in working with Glamatronic.Net or to have your products reviewed on this site, please send requests to: sosha@glamatronic.net
    • Clients interested in having their makeup done by Sosha can email: glamatronic@yahoo.com. Please be sure to give plenty of notice before the date needed. 

    Disclaimer: The majority of products reviewed on Glamatronic.Net are purchased by me, but occasionally may be sent to me by the company for review purposes. If I have received any free products, there will be a disclaimer message at the bottom of the post. If there is no disclaimer for a particular post, then all products were purchased by myself. My honest thoughts and opinions on products, websites and stores will always be given. If you are a company who wants to work with Glamatronic.Net, send all inquiries to sosha@glamatronic.net.I cannot promise positive reviews because I give my honest opinions, both the good and the bad of each item. 

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