Hey everyone! I've recently started my own makeup and jewelry line, which can be found at my etsy shop, Glamatronic Couture.   Below is a little shop preview of a few of the items currently at me shop!

  • My shop features exclusive and 100% origninal eyeshadow pigments and cosmetic glitters designed by me.
  • I do Nail Polish Jewelry, Encasulate your favorite limited edition polishes in glass rings, earrings or necklaces! They are gorgeous!
  •  I also make special, limited edition colors for holidays, special events and random moments, so if you love a shade, be sure to pick it up now before it's gone!
  • GLAMATRONIC COUTURE also features handmade jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces and more!
  • I also offer custom orders for makeup and jewelry!  Make the piece you've always dreamed of!
  • If you see a pieces of jewelry you like, but want a different color or you see earrings you love but want it as a ring or something like that, please feel free to ask me because I can make something especially for you. 
  • Gift Certificates are available in any amount, simply email on here or on Etsy for a specific amount.
  • Message me with an questions!



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