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Want your article featured on Glamatronic.Net?!

Guest Posting!

If you are a writer, beauty blogger, makeup artist, or someone who would like to share your wisdoms and talents with our readers, you can submit guest posts! Gain exposure for yourself and your own blog!  You can share anything, from swatches, product reviews, tips and tricks, tutorials and more! Right now I really want tutorials and product swatches the most, but anything else is great!

Also, if you are newbie to writing, someone who happens to love beauty and or fashion, but have no blog experience, don't be afraid to submit something! Just let me know this is your first article and I'd be happy to help you out with it and give you pointers! 

Include In Your Post

  • 1. A short summary introducing yourself, your interests, your favorite beauty products, what it is you love about beauty, your job, something of that nature. You don't have to use all of those, but these are some suggestions for you. 
  • 2. You can also choose to include a small picture of yourself, a link to your own blog or social media sites like twitter. 
  • 3. Write about anything, but try to somehow relate it to beauty, fashion, hair, or the likes. It may be an article about something different, but then if you show how this is related to the beauty/fashion world, it may be accepted. 
  • 4. Also, if writing a review, I'd really love to have brand new products or products everyone loves (cult favorites, holy grail items, etc.) but all reviews are great! 

Writing & User Guidelines

  • Post should be original and written by you (seems obvious, but everyone knows about the dreaded trollzzzz lol)
  • You must be 18 or have your parents permission if under 18.
  • I hold the rights to edit your article if I see the need (this will only happen if there's something inappropriate or I notice some grammar errors. But please do edit the article yourself for spelling and grammar because I can't promise I will catch all, if any, of the errors). 
  • You can use links to products and pictures, but don't use an overwhelming amount of links.
  • Be informative, show your passion, and use pictures! Pictures must be your own or must be the company promo images (no stealing pictures from others!)
  • This is not for free promotion from a company or for your own product. If you have a company or product you want promoted, please see the advertisement tab!
  • - If you do choose to borrow information from anywhere, please quote your source and give them credit.
  • Make sure your photos are clear and accurate for swatches. Don't send in blurry images or pictures that inaccurately show the product or its swatch (just use your best judgment). 
  •  I love photos, so the more photos you take, the better! I of course may choose and pick from certain ones if I feel some look the same or some are more clear and show the items better. 

Send submissions and questions to 

I look forward to your submissions!

User Agreement
- You agree to all Glamatronic.Net Rules, Guidlines, and etc. 
- Articles become my property once published and I'm free to use them how I see fit. 
- I reserve the right to edit articles and/or decline them. 

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