Monday, January 19, 2015

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection for Spring 2015

The lovechild of Artist and Designer Isabel and Ruben Toledo, this Collection pulls from everything from runway to modern art to curate a passionate collection of colors that can suit any mood. 

Release DateOnline January 29th, in-stores on February 5th

Lipstick ($17.50 )

  • Oxblood - Light peachy nude (Matte)
  • Barbecue - Vivid orange red (Matte)
  • Victoriana - Mid-tone pink red (Matte)
  • Tenor Voice  -True classic red (Matte)
  • Opera - Dark red (Matte)
  • Sin - Deep blood red (Matte) (Permanent)

Lipglass ($16.50)

  • Oxblood - Light peachy nude
  • Barbecue - Vivid orange red
  • Victoriana - Mid-tone pink red
  • Tenor Voice - True classic red
  • Opera - Dark red
  • Sin - Deep blood red

Bellgreens Eyeshadow Palette ($44.00)

  • Fresh Blade - Pale frosted yellow (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Gorgeous Gold  -Muted yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Savant - Mid-tone mustard lime (Satin)
  • Vicuna - Light neutral olive (Frost)
  • Charcoal Brown - Muted taupe brown (Matte)
  • Sushi Green - Charcoal olive with multi-dimensional pearl (Velvet)

Moodyblu Eyeshadow Palette ($44.00)

  • Midnight Snow - Pale silver (Frost)
  • Idol Eyes - Silver violet with gold (Lustre)
  • Deep Truth - True dark blue (Frost)
  • Knight Divine - Black with silver pearl (Veluxe Pearl)
  • Exotic Purple - Dark navy (Satin)
  • Indigogo - Blackened navy with multi-dimensional pearl (Veluxe)

Violetwink Eyeshadow Palette ($44.00 )

  • Sweet Allure - Soft l ight pink (Satin)
  • French Clay - White grey (Frost)
  • Stars ‘n’ Rockets - Purple with pink pearl (Velxue Pearl)
  • Tendersmoke - Muted silver lilac (Frost)
  • Frizzyplum - Dark violet with multi-dimensional pearl (Frost)
  • Overnight - Cool black (Matte)

Blush Ombre ($32.00)

  • Ripe Peach - Light coral
  • Azalea Blossom - Light cool pink
  • Kindergarten Red - Crimson into pale nude

Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner ($17.50)

  • Designer Purple Iridescent violet
  • Chlorafill Green line with pearl
  • Petrol Blue Deep navy with pearl

Modern Twist Lash ($24.00)

  • Vinyl - Black
  • Caligrafy - Navy
  • Tarot - Purple
  • Chlorafill - Lime

Nail Lacquer ($13.50)

  • Faint of Heart- Palest milky nude (Cream)
  • Venus Red - Clean true red (Cream)
  • Vixen  -Deep burgundy red (Cream)

Brush ($38.50)

  • 129SE - Powder/Blush Brush

Makeup Bag ($35.00)

  • Makeup Bag - Isabel and Ruben Toledo
MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Lipstick

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Lipglass

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Nail Lacquer

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Makeup bag

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Eyeliner Mascara

MAC x Isabel and Ruben Toledo Makeup brush

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo blush ombre Kindergarten

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo blush ombre Azalea Blossom

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo blush ombre Ripe Peach

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Eyeshadow palette

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New! Real Techniques - The Bold Metals Collection Makeup Brushes

"The Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques pairs unbelievably soft bristles with striking metallic detail. Handles are weighted for optimal control and comfort. Refined artistry cuts offer high performance and mastery of any look. Let your brush do the work of perfect makeup application."

Real Techniques - The Bold Metals Collection Makeup Brushes 

  • Bristles: Softer than ever for the most luxe feel to date. White bristles show exactly how much makeup is on the brush before application.
  • Ferrules: Premium quality brass ferrules for maximum durability.
  • Handles: The brushes are weighted for perfect in-hand balance, optimal control, and comfort. Unique geometric handles help brushes stay still on your dressing table without rolling away. Handles taper to a diamond tip that easily slides out of pro brush belts.
  • Cuts: Refined, hand crafted artistry cuts offer high performance for ultimate application of makeup.
  • Tips: Individually tapered, synthetic tips allow for advanced product pickup and a buildable, pristine finish.
Additional Info:
Color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application: Gold Base; Platinum = Eye; Rose Gold = Finish

  • Bold Metals 100 Arched Powder Brush ($25.99)
Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 Arched Powder Brush domed-cut, powder brush sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powders. Bristle tips start low on the brush head to optimize product pickup, allowing you to blend flawlessly.

Bold Metals 101 Triangle Foundation Brush ($23.99)

Real Techniques Bold Metals 101 Triangle Foundation Brush was uniquely designed with 3 different sides for a flawless coverage. This never-before-seen design will revolutionize your foundation application. The largest of the three sides is ideal to cover large areas of the face. Use the cross-hatching technique to blend the product into the skin for full coverage. The 2 angled sides can be used for full coverage under eye, and for blending seamlessly around the nose. The pointed tip is an added bonus for spot coverage. Since the brush has 3 sides you can use 3 colors, and still blend flawlessly.

Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow Brush ($15.99)

Real Techniques Bold Metals 200 Oval Shadow Brush offers the one-sweep brush with a full, round shape for all-over eyelid application, and seamless blending of powder and cream eyeshadows. It can also be used for detailed highlighting of the brow bone.

Bold Metals 201 Pointed Crease Brush ($15.99)

Real Techniques Bold Metals 201 Pointed Crease Brush has densely packed, tapered bristles which helps to apply eye color into the crease for a more dimensional look. The firm tip is ideal for blending color along the lash line.

Bold Metals 202 Angled Liner Brush ($15.99)

Real Techniques Bold Metals 202 Angled Liner Brush has firm, slanted bristles that hug the lash line for smooth, even application of eyeliner. This tool is ideal for precision application.

Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush ($23.99)

Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush has an expert-designed bristle shape which provides focused application of cheek color. Highlights and sculpts across cheeks for a seamless finish. Bristles are perfectly spaced for an air-brushed, buildable application. Easily apply color to the apples of the cheeks, and blend to your personal preference.

Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush ($25.99)

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush has a dense, flat top head that creates shadows and highlights on targeted areas of face to play up your favorite features. Ideal for contouring and sculpting.
Real Techniques - The Bold Metals Collection Makeup Brushes 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



Chanel says, "Beauty blooms with a captivating colour collection inspired by the springtime gardens of Paris. Vibrant corals lend balance to wistful, satiny shades of pink, creating an enchanting spectrum of shades that range from delicate to deep."
Chanel Reverie Parisienne Spring 2015

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette ($61.00) (Limited Edition)

For the spring-ready eye makeup looks Chanel has prepared two incredible eyeshadow palettes, each featuring four coordinating shades that can be easily mixed and matched for creating harmonious looks.
• Tissé Fantaisie No. 236: coral-rose, sea green with iridescent gold highlights, satin white, deep brown with copper highlights
• Tissé Paris No. 238: Slate gray, delicate and intense rose, sheer ivory


Chanel Reverie Parisienne Jardin de Chanel Blush ($55.00) (Limited Edition)

This romantic blush tone with an uber-sweet floral embossing is the central subject of the entire collection. It’s a sensual and sophisticated rose shade that every girls would love.
• Camélia Rosé – tender rose hue with intense pink highlights
Chanel Camélia Rosé

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Joues Contraste Powder Blush ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Although deprived of the floral embossing, this blush shade looks no less sensual and beautiful and can be a great alternative for all those, who don’t find Jardin de Chanel a flattering blush shade for their skin tone.
• Angelique No. 160: natural, light coral
Chanel Angelique

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

Ditch all those traditional black eyeliner pencils and go for the gray tone, since it’s the right gateway to delicate and natural looks. All you need is this waterproof eyeliner coming in:
• Ardoise Nr. 912: intense gray
Chanel Adroise

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Rouge Allure Lipstick ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

• Insaisissable No. 152: bright strawberry red
• Badine No. 154: fresh rose
Chanel Indsisissable, Badine

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

For a perfect velvety finish to your lips.
• La Pétillante No. 49: intense, sensual coral
• The Romanesque No. 50: elegant violet
Chanel La Pétillante, The Romanesque

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick-Gloss ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

The Chanel Reverie Parisienne collection has also thought about girls loving the glossy finish of their lips, presenting these two high-shine lip-glosses that come in:
• Désinvolte No. 97: vibrant red
• Étourdie No. 98: berry fuchsia

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Levres Scintillanes Lip-Gloss ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

There are also two intense lip-gloss tones that will give lots of drama to your overall look!
• Fleur d`Eau No. 192: natural coral
• Crazy Fuchsia No. 194: intensive magenta
Chanel Fleur D' Eau, Crazy Fuchsia

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Le Crayon Levres Lip Liner ($29.00) (Limited Edition)

To create the illusion of fuller lips you’ll certainly need a lip liner in a matching color with your lipstick or lip-gloss. Chanel presents two color variations for your personal taste!
• Rose Délicat No. 91: fresh light red
• Capucine No. 92: flattering coral

Chanel Capucine

Chanel Rose Delicat

Chanel Reverie Parisienne Le Vernis Nail Polish ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

When it comes down to the fingertips, we have three alluring tones here that are so about spring! Pick your fave options from:
• 641 Tenderly: gentle violet
• 643 Dèsirio: deep pinkish purple
• 645 Paradisio: pearly pale green
Chanel Paradisio, Tenderly, Desirio

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Milani Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Milani Spring 2015 Collection

Fierce Foil Eye Shines ($9.99)
    "A first! This isn’t a shadow. It is a shine. Milani’s groundbreaking gloss technology created especially for eyes instantly imparts a beautiful multidimensional foil finish. Available in four shade quartettes named for Italy’s starriest, most beloved cities." 
  • Milan: soft pinks and taupes
  • Rome: lavenders and purples
  • Florence: coppers and gold
  • Venice: icy whites and cool blues
Milani Fierce Foil Eye Shines - Milan

Milani Fierce Foil Eye Shines - Rome

Milani Fierce Foil Eye Shines - Florence

Milani Fierce Foil Eye Shines - Venice

Fierce Foil Eyeliner ($6.99)

    Milani Statement: "This is so new, it’s hopping right off the Milan runway and into your makeup bag. A truly next-level eyeliner, it gets its richness from a black base that blasts the luminosity, creating a shiny, shimmery special effect that lights up your eyes. Blackened jewel tones with a foil finish, these can be used for lining or a full-on lid look. And there are two great ways to play these blendable beauties: For a “classic cat” look, extend the color just past the lashline. For a “smoldering smoky” vibe, gently blend upward from the lashline to the crease. Available in four chic shades - Black Gold Foil, Brown Foil, Purple Foil and Navy Foil – with a custom pro brush that deposits color exactly where you want it. Glow for it."



Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer ($3.99)

Milani Fierce Foil Nail Lacquer
    Milani Statement: "This luxe lacquer is laced with genuine gold for a long lasting shine that looks like it is lit from within. Nothing like genuine gold flecks – twirling, swirling, luminescent sparkles - to send lacquer shine straight into the stratosphere. For a multidimensional effect that only looks like you spent hours at the nail salon, paint on one of these six high-impact, trend-driven shades. Named for famous Italian cities, they span the color spectrum from the pearly-white, beachy Sardinia to the cobalt blue Venice. (They’re all so fiercely cool, it’s hard to pick a favorite!) While it goes on sheer, the gold-formula has real staying power. These hip lacquers were built to last."

Fierce Foil Lipgloss ($4.99)

    A never-been-done-before gloss that softens, smooths and shines with a glimmering, multidimensional foil finish.

Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner ($5.99)

    Milani Statemeny: "Soft but serious. With this new eyeliner, you get it all – and then some. While kohl pencils are usually way too smudgy to neatly line the inner rim, this glide-on, precision number gets right in there. Tightlining, waterlining, adding definition to the upper lid - there’s nothing this one-stroke wonder can’t do. And such versatility! With this sleek gold multi-tasker, you can achieve three distinct looks: 1.To keep it natural, line the upper lid and inner rim. 2. For added drama, thicken the line and extend the tip. 3. Feeling bold? Ring the entire eye. Available in a single stellar shade (Blackest Black), the waterproof formula is laced with hydrating, nourishing ingredients. Extra credit: It’s self-sharpening. How easy is that?"

    Milani Supreme Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Matte Rose Powder Blush ($7.99)

    Milani Statement:  "Now this is a blush that deserves to be seen! Gorgeous in the compact, even prettier on cheeks, this petal soft, natural-finish powder shapes, contours and highlights. Streaks? Never. Easy to use? Always. In ultra-flattering shades that you just can’t live without."

    Matte Rose Blush Powder 05 CORAL COVE


Moisture Matte Color Statement Lipsticks ($5.99)

    Milani Statement:  "Meet your matte. Your fantasy matte. The matte that not only feels great (yes, you read that right – it’s actually comfy) but also lasts for hours and has “a-mazing Instagram selfie” written all over it. Infused with grape seed extract imported from Italy, this smear-proof lip soother delivers mega color that won’t budge, even after a close encounter with a cappuccino cup. In eight luxe, go-the-distance shades, from the oh-so-sweet, pale pink Matte Innocence to the va va voom, fiery-red Matte Passion." 

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