Friday, January 27, 2012

NYX Boudoir Mascara Collection Overview - (Le Frou Frou, Pin-up Tease, Provocateur, Faux Lash, Le Chick Flick, Le Amoureux and Za Za Zu)

NYX has released so many new products lately and I can't wait to try them out. Currently, they are only on the NYXCOSTMETICS website, so I'm trying to wait for them to appear on CherryCulture first. But from their new jumbo pencil colors, to new eyeliners and glosses, I don't know if I can wait haha!
Anyway, here's an overview of the new NYX Boudoir Mascaras, retailing for only $6! 
NYX Boudoir Mascara Collection

Get longer and fuller lashes using the Boudoir Mascara Collection. Consisting of 7 formulas and distinctive wands, each mascara delivers full, lengthening, and curled lashes. Extend, volumize, and darken lashes with the wide range of mascaras in this collection and look bright-eyed for 24 hours smudge-free with beautiful lashes!
Le Frou Frou (BMC01)
Volumize and lengthen lashes. Dense dome brush to reach each lash.

Pin-Up Tease (BMC02)
To darken and curl lashes. Hard bristle combs to separate and curl lashes.

Provocateur (BMC03)
To volumize and separate lashes. Start with level 1 for heavy application then level 2 to lighten and separate.

Faux Lashes (BMC04)
Infused with fibers to volumize and extend lashes. Short bristle brush for dark and heavy application.  Ideal for bottom lashes.

Le Chick Flick (BMC05)
Thickening, darkening and waterproof formula. Dense dome brush to reach each lash.

La Amoureux (BMC06)
To curl and lengthen lashes. Curved spiral wand maneuvers lashes expertly.

Za Za Zu (BMC07)
Mother of all mascaras. Fiber infused to darken, lengthen, and volumize.  Soft, bristle brush large enough to cover all lashes in one swipe.

I think I want to try the Faux Lashes. I've enjoyed every fiber mascara I've tried, so I think this is a must on my list. I'm also interested in the Pin-Up Tease mascara. Which ones sound like something you'd like to try. Will you pick any of these up? At only $6 each, you can go crazy and try them all!

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