Monday, January 2, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix Collection Spring 2012

Hey everyone! China Glaze is releasing several new collections this spring. The newly announced collection is called Magnetix. It's so new that all I really have for you is a promo image, names of the polishes haven't been announced just yet (as of the day I posted the article). 

The China Glaze Magnetix Collection is scheduled for release in March 2012, and offers a range of magnetic nail polishes.
With these polishes, you get a high-impact metallic shade infused with metal pigments, and a separately sold nail lacquer magnet. You can achieve the very cool stripped effect on your nails by applying a coat of nail polish and holding a magnet above the nail. Magnetic force will propel and pull the tiny pigments, arranging them in different and neat pattern, making it a very easy way to get awesome nail art in just minutes. 
As I mentioned, there is no information about this collection yet, just the promo image, and it looks like there will be either 6 or 12 shades, I'm guessing 6. They are expected to hit stores around March 2012. 

Depending on their availability, I may eventually add China Glaze Magnetix swatches, of course that will be a few months away. Until then, enjoy the promo image!


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