Sunday, October 30, 2011

NEW ELF Elements Eyeshadow Shades Wheat, Driftwood, Aubergine, Navy - Swatches, Pictures, Review

ELF Elements Eyeshadow Swatches, Review - Aubergine, Wheat, Navy, Driftwood 

ELF just released four new shades to their Elements eyeshadow line - Wheat, Driftwood, Aubergine and Navy. Each of these shades cost only $1 each, and are magnetized to fit into the ELF Elements Custom Compact with Mirror, also only $1. 

New ELF Element Eyeshadows - Aubergine, Wheat, Driftwood, Navy
  • Aubergine is a nice, marroon shade. It is purple-based red, very deep and perfect for fall and winter.
  • Wheat is a light, golden tan sort of shade. This shade will look nice paired with Aubergine around the holidays.
  • Driftwood is a warm, golden brown. It is similar to Wheat, but a little darker and much more brown toned. This is a fun and shimmery neutral. 
  • Navy is a medium to dark blue. It is not nearly as dark as it appears in the pan, but it is a nice, shimmery blue shade with greyed undertones, which is great for the winter months. 
So I have to say that these shadows have went downhill. The other shades of ELF Element eyeshadows were crazily pigmented. You could just barely touch your finger to the shadows and pick up completely opaque color. These I found myself swatching over three or four times to get the color I did above in the swatches, which isn't bad, but it is far below quality of the previous Element shadows. This makes me very, very sad. I was looking forward to more greatness, but they aren't. I hope they haven't changed the formula to a lower quality and that the other shades are still great. So, Elf, if you read this, please make these the same quality as the other shadows. It's 100% apparent that these are not nearly as great as the other shades. 

New ELF Elements eyeshadows, Aubergine, Wheat, Driftwood, Navy
Now that I have that rant out. These shades are right on target with that of a holiday palette. You can use and mix these four colors to make tons of holiday and winter themed eye looks. However, I do feel that Wheat and Driftwood are very close in color. I think they should have either may Wheat more golden or Driftwood dark so that you could use them together. You can still use these together, but you may or may not be able to really tell them apart. 

Navy upsets me the most, because with dark colors, you need them to be very, very pigmented or they are pretty much useless for smokey eyes. If you want to do a dark, smokey eye, using a washed out dark will look really bad. You can use this to define your crease a bit, but you won't be able to use it alone for a smokey looks. You can of course use it with a black base and it will more than likely work that way for smokey eyes, though. 

Aubergine is okay. It could be much more pigmented, but after three or four layers, it did build up to a decent pigmentation. I can only imagine how pretty it would have been if it were as pigmented as the older colors and looked like it does in the pot. These all look so much better in the pots than swatched, which will always make everyone disappointed.

 Now, honestly, compared to drugstore shadows, these may be better. At only $1, these are much better than the $4 Covergirl shadows and the Rimmel shadows by far. So if you are deciding between these shadows and drugstore shadows, you will like these. 

Overall, I'd say give them a try. You get this entire compact and four shadows for only $5. But I would recommend all the other shades if don't have them yet, Golden, Dusk, Ivory, Moondust, Sage and Mocha are a few of my favs.

Thanks for reading!

XO - Glamatronic


Anonymous said...

thank you so much!! :) ive been wanting some of this colors but wasnt sure if the website was right..

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