Sunday, October 30, 2011

New ELF $1 Liquid Eyeliner Shades Swatches, Pictures, Review - New ELF Products 2011

Hey everyone! So I have a few new ELF swatches to show you. They've come out with a few new products and shades recently. I have to say the new eyeliner shades are amazing. I wasn't sure if I would like them or not, but they are very pretty.
 Also, at the end of my series of posts on the ELF Products, I'm going to do an article which sum up a few new and older ELF items that are their best of the best. You can then decide to get the products as Holiday Gifts for friends or for yourself! 

Let's get to the pictures and swatches of the new ELF $1 Liquid Eyeliners! 

NEW ELF Liquid Eyeliners!

  • Teal is a very gorgeous, metallic turquoise shade. I honestly wasn't expecting these to be as good as they were. Their other shades of liquid liner were okay, but nothing special. These are all very pretty and they stay on all day long. The swatches I put on my hand were there the entire day after hand washing and everything. I had to use a makeup wipe at the end of the day to get it all off my hand!
  • Cobalt Blue is a nice medium to dark blue, also gorgeous and metallic. 
  • Forest Green is almost a dark olive green and is also a metallic finish. This shade, as well as the other two shades, are going to look great as a pop-of-color to neutral eyes and smokey eyes. 

ELF $1 Liquid Eyeliner Swatches - Teal, Cobalt Blue Forest Green
Above are swatches of Teal, Cobalt Blue and Forest Green ELf Liquid Liners

My one complaint about these eyeliners is the brush. The brush applicator of the ELF $1 Liquid liners is pretty bad. I can't really tell if it's even a brush or if it's a brush-shaped plastic piece. It's really hard, not flexible and if you aren't good at putting on liner, you will have a very hard time with applying these. I found it a bit hard myself and I've put on liquid liner millions of times. I know you can expect something perfect for only $1, but I think they could improve the brush and still keep the price where it is. If not, it's fine, I still love these based on the gorgeous colors. 

I do have to say, don't expect all the other ELF liquid liner shades to be this gorgeous. For some reason, these are just much better and stay on far longer than the other shades. I don't know if they changed the formula or what, but I'm really liking these a lot better than the older colors of $1 Liquid Liners.

  I really hope ELF makes a studio liquid liner in colors like that at an even better quality. They would sell tons of liners if they had all the shades of liner that Urban Decay, Stila and Make Up For Ever Have because these liners have no low-end competition for shades of hot pink, blood red, lime green liners and etc.  

NEW ELF FALL 2011 Shades and Products - Elf Mineral Primer Blush, ELf $1 Liners, ELF Studio Body Shimmer, ELF Elements Eyeshadows
 (I hope you enjoy the little preview above. All of these products will be reviewed in addition to a few extras that aren't swatches in the picture) 

I think ELF's $1 products are okay, but don't live up to the quality of many other $1 products that have recently stepped up their game, such as Wet N Wild and NYC. Don't get me wrong, there are some ELF $1 products I can't live without, these new liners are especially amazing.

I feel like the quality of ELF's studio line, which is only $3, compares to products more in the price range of $7-$12, sometimes more depending on the product. Yes, I understand their studio items don't always match up to MAC and other brands, but the price is what.. 5 times less? Sometimes they do actually live up to higher ends and even when they don't, I feel as thought I'm getting an amazing deal for the price, anyway. And I love that I can get good quality products for cheaper. It makes me buy 50x more things (which I think is their entire goal haha)    : D

ELF $1 Liquid Eyeliner in Teal, Cobalt Blue, Forest Green. NEW Fall 2011 Shades!
I can only imagine how great the quality of ELF would be if they had a super luxury line or something like that, that actually were the same price as MAC. I'm thinking we would be getting Gucci and Channel quality products if they made a range of $15 eyeshadows or liners if their $3 liners are already pretty close to that of MAC. What do you think? 

Anyway, I totally just went on tangent of good and bad things about ELF when this is supposed to be an eyeliner review haha! I'm not going to edit it and just leave it in there because they are my true thoughts and will probably help people who are new to the ELF products have an idea of what they are getting. Don't be afraid to send me a message or comment if you want to know anything about ELF! I've tried everything from them and can help you decide for sure  : ) 

Thanks for reading! 

XO - Glamatronic


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