Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Essence Fall/Winter 2011 Nail Polish Collection - Essence Magnet Top Coat, Crackles, & Special Effect Glitter Toppers

Essence says "Presenting a multitude of special effects for your nails with the trend edition “add on magic!” Spectacular colors, awesome finishes and the latest nail design trend, the new essence nail art products turn the world of nail style on its head: cracking nail polishes, magnetics, special effect toppers – simply irresistible! Your nails are sure to be the fashion it-piece of the season with these multi-faceted trends!"

The Essence Fall and Winter 2011 Nail Polish Collection will be featuring the Essence Crackles, Essence Magnet Nail Art Polish, & Essence Special Effects Glitter Top Coat Nail polishes. 
Release Date for new products: November 2011

Below are a few product images as well as shade names. 

Add on magic! magnet Top Coat - One Shade

Magnetics nail polish

Create Shining basic nails, striped patterns or unique nail design with the essence magnetics polishes. Extremely stylish and these polishes create extravagant effects as well as an irresistible look. Apply polish, use magnet and abracadabra – there’s no limit to your creativity. 

  • 01 miracle shine!
  • 2 hex hex!
  • 03 magic wand! 
  • 04 mystic wish!

Cracking top coat

Apply one coat of these crackle nail polish top coats to create a shatter effect on the nails. 

  •  01 crack me black
  • 02 crack me white
  • 03 crack me blue
  • 04 crack me silver.

Special effect topper

Special effects toppers create beautiful sparkling effect to your nails. 

  • 01 it’s purpilicious
  • 02 circus confetti
  • 10 glorious aquarius
  • 11 disco disco.

What do you think of the new Essence Magnetic polishes? Will you be trying these out or possibly gifting them to others for the Holidays?  Leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading!  

XO - Glamatronic 


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