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China Glaze Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection Pictures,Overview - Holiday 2011 Gift Guide Series

China Glaze Let It Snow Holiday 2011 Collection 
Hey everyone! China Glaze will be releasing their new Holiday 2011 Collection, Let It Snow, very soon. I decided to make a double post and not only provide information for the new and amazing China Glaze Holiday collection, but also show the lovely gift sets they have available for part of my Holiday Gift Guide Overview, yay :)

China Glaze has released several new nail polishes for the holiday. China Glaze Holiday collections always include several nail lacquer gift sets that not only include the gorgeous polishes, but some neat little gifts as well. If you have a polish addict friend or just a friend who loves sparkles, these sets would be perfect to give them as gifts. They have so many different sets to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect one for your friends and family members. 

First, I'm going to do the overview of the new shades available and give you the descriptions. Then, I will show all of the fab gift sets available and tell you my recommendations on who would like each set. So, let's get started!

China Glaze Let It Snow Shades

China Glaze Let It Snow Shade Descriptions - 

  • Icicle - Basic silver with a frost finish
  • Tinsel Town -Silver with hexagontal silver glitter
  • Velvet Bow - A lovely Burgundy creme
  • Winter Berry - A beautiful, blue-toned, red creme
  • Poinsettia - Bright red creme, perfect for Christmas with an almost jelly-like base, it applies very smoothly.
  • Twinkle Lights - Gold based glitter with tiny green and red glitters mixed within.
  • Ring In The Red - Red glitter with jelly-like, orange-toned red, glitters.
  • Champagne Bubbles -A very yellowed gold with sparse silver glitters
  • Blue Year's Eve - Medium blue,jelly-like, with blue shimmers
  • Glittering Garland -Medium to dark green with olive green glitter flecks HOLLY DAY
  • Snow Globe - Clear base with holo glitter, this is a re-promote intended to be put on-top of other holiday polishes.

Below are pictures of all the amazing gift sets available for the Let It Snow Collection. Yes, there are several of them. I think they have almost every pairing imaginable in these sets, which is a great thing because you can usual get a discount if you purchase the sets : ) 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set  -Belle Of The Ball Set - Includes Champagne  Bubbles, Tinsel Town & free ornament.
China Glaze Bell of the Ball set includes two polishes, Champagne Bubbles and Tinsel Town, plus a free decorative ornament. If you have a friend or family member who collects ornaments or maybe you have a tradition of always buying a family member an ornament, this set would be neat way to give them a unique ornament with the bonus of some pretty, holiday polishes. These are both a bit more cool toned and perfect for someone who loves wearing sparkles in the winter. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Berry Sweet - Includes Velvet Bow, Ring In The Red, & A Berry Hand Lotion
 China Glaze Berry Sweet Gift sets includes the fab reds of the Let It Snow Collection. In this set, you get a bonus Berry Scented Hand Lotion. This would be a great gift bundle for mothers because you have the option of wearing just the creme, topping the creme with glitter for a holiday flare, or going all out with the glitter. Plus, you have the lotion, which is something mom's tend to love. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Carry Me Away - Tinsel Town, Poinsettia,  Icicle,  & a Manicure Case with Nail File
 China Glaze Carry Me Away for the Holidays Gift set includes four nail polishes in Tinsel Town, Poinsettia and has a bonus carrying case for manicures and a nail file. This set would be fun for a kid, teen or a friend who loves keeping their nails neat. I can see a pre-teen putting all of their polishes and nail file in the carrying case and taking it with them to show all of their friends and give them manicures, making it a fun gift for the younger crowd. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Baby It's Cold Outside - Icicle, Blue Year's Eve, Poinsettia & Finger Gloves
 China Glaze Baby It's Cold Outside includes three polishes and a set of gloves. I see this set being great for teens. The finger-less gloves trendy and you get a variety of shades for winter, which I think is something a teen would love. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Deck The Halls - Includes Glitter Garland, Champagne Bubbles, & Limited Edition Berry Cuticle Oil
 China Glaze Deck the Halls gift set comes with Glitter Garland and Champagne Bubbles nail polish. As a bonus you get the Limited edition Berry Cuticle Oil. This would be a good set for someone who likes maintaining great manicures and takes care of their hands. If you have a friend who gets manicures often, or just know someone who could greatly benefit from a little cuticle oil, this would be a great little gift choice. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Holiday Spirits - Includes Icicle, Champagne Bubbles, Glittering Garlands, and  a decorative Christmas Tree bottle stopper.
 China Glaze Holiday Spirits Gift set comes with three polishes, Icicle, Champagne Bubbles and Glittering Garlands. This set would be a great gift for friends, family or anyone who likes nail polish. You get three basic holiday shades that everyone would love to wear. You could create tons of fun looks with these basic and fun holiday polishes. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Holly Beary - Holly-Day, Winter Beary, and a free Holiday Bear
 China Glaze Holly Beary Gift Set is so cute as a gift for little kids. This set comes with two polishes, holly-berry and holly-day with the bonus, stuffed, holiday bear complete with red holiday bow. If you know a little kid or pre-teen who loves painting their nails, pick this set for them because it comes with the bonus, cute bear as well. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Let It Snow - Blue Years Eve, Snow Globe & a free mini Snow Man Snow Globe
 China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set. I think this set would be great for family and friends. You have a pretty blue polish with the amazing holographic glitter coat and the cute, little snowman globe. I think friends and family would both appreciate the little snow globe as holiday gift and the polishes are colors almost everyone would like.

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Santa's Little Helpers - Includes Ring In The Red, Holly-day, Twinkle Lights, Velvet Bow
 China Glaze Santa's Little Helper Set. I would recommend this set for the Polish Addicts, Trendy Girls and Holiday Fanatics. This set screams holidays and Christmas-time. You have your deep red, green, glittery red and the all out, trendy, holiday glitter polish. These are very trendy holiday polishes, making them great for teens, friends, and all the polish addicts as well. Also, if you have a friend whose favorite holiday is Christmas, they are bound to love these because this set screams quintessential Christmas. This would be my pick for best set overall, so if you are in doubt of which set you want, I'd suggest  this one. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Seasonal Sparkles - Poinsettia, Twinkle Lights, Holly-Day
 China Glaze Season Sparkles Gift Set. If you want a smaller gift set than the Santa's Little Helpers Set, but want something very similar, go for this one. It is still very Holiday and fun and comes with the very gorgeous and trendy Twinkle Lights glitter polishes. This set would be great for friends and anyone you know who loves having pretty holiday-esque nails. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Sets - Meet Me Under The Mistle Tow - Ring In The Red, Velvet Bow, Glittering Garland & LipGloss
 China Glaze Meet Me Under The Mistletoe . This set is the more subdued Christmas colors. If you have a friend who loves the Christmas colors and shimmers, but aren't really flashy and trendy, this set would be more  their taste. You have gorgeous, basic Christmas colors, still with fun shimmers, but they aren't as crazy as the Twinkle Lights polish. This set is great for both friends and family members. Plus, this set comes with a bonus lip gloss. 

China Glaze Let It Snow Gift Set - Winter Ice - Blue Years Eve, Tinsel Town, Icicle, Snow Globe 
Finally, we have the China Glaze Winter Ice Gift Set. This bundle is exactly as is states, a winter set. If you have someone who loves the cool tones and winter-like shades, this is the best choice for them. These shades are great for not only christmas, but the entire winter season. If you want a bundle that your friends will wear all throughout the winter or maybe they just aren't the christmasy holiday nails type, choose this bundle as it is more diverse and doesn't particularly scream holiday nails. It's a nice gift set with both frosts, glitters, and the holographic top coat. I think teens would love this set because you could make some great party nails for new years eve. This is also a great gift for your best friends or perhaps little sister because it comes with a sweet. little snowflake necklace, perfect to wear throughout the winter months. 

That wraps-up the China Glaze Let It Snow Collection and the China Glaze Gift Sets Gift Guide. I hope my suggestions help you somewhat in deciding which collections or shades to get for yourself as well as which gift set to get for your friends and family members. My overall suggestion is to get the Santa's Little Helper Set if you want something for the Holidays and the most trendy polishes and my next best overall suggestion would be the Winter Ice Gift Set because it contains polishes that you can wear throughout the entire winter season. As far as individual polishes, you have to get Twinkle Lights! It's definitely the most unique shade of the bunch and the prettiest in my opinion : )

What do you think of the new China Glaze Let It Snow Collection. Will you be purchasing any shades? Which shade is your favorite? Are you going to pick-up any of the gift sets for your friends and family for the holidays? Leave any comments, questions or thoughts you have in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading!!

- XO - Glamatronic


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