Friday, September 2, 2011

Urban Decay Black Palette Swatches, Pictures, Review

Hey Glamatronic.Net Readers! I'm going to be reviewing and swatching the Urban Decay Black Palette. I know this isn't a new palette, but I just recently purchased it and wanted to write a review for everyone since fall is coming up soon and these shades are perfect for a fall smokey eye : ) 

First off, I know this palette has mixed reviews because everyone says you can put a black base under shadows and get the same shade results as these. However, I find that you have to apply a pretty heavy black base to darken your shadows enough to match these, which in summer weather can end up melting off your face, not to mention black bases are hard to remove. So I thought that these would help me skip that step and some time hassles, which they do.

Shades In Black Palette:
  • Black Dog: Matte Black 
  • Barracuda: Shimmery Gunmetal Gray 
  • Jet: Blackened Shimmery Plum
  • Sabbath: Darkened Shimmery Navy Blue
  • Cobra: Blacked Gold with Tons of Gold Shimmers, slightly olive in some lights
  • Libertine: Blackened Jungle Green with green shimmer
My opinion on the quality of the shadows is decent. I do like them, but I'm not in love with them. They are great for smokey eyes, but I feel they could be just a bit more pigmented considering their $38 price tag. But don't take that the wrong way, they are nicely pigmented, just not super richly pigmented like I feel dark shadows should be. You can, of course, build the shadows up to make them darker and more rich and use a primer underneath. Notre that my swatches are without a primer or any base. 

Urban Decay Black Palette Packaging

Urban Decay Black Palette Shadows

Urban Decay Black Palette Swatches (note that the shimmers aren't showing up, but they are in fact very shimmery)

The packaging is really pretty. I love how it has the silver sparkles embedded into the black and then has the name of the palette written in silver. Inside is a decent sized mirror you can use to apply the shadow as well as a mini eyeliner in zero. 

I have noticed that NYX has some shadows that are similar, but not identical to these. Many people say the NYX Lake Moss trio is a dupe for this palette, but I have the Lake Moss Trio and it is not a dupe, although it is kind of similar. If you like wearing smokey eyes, then I could see a need for both palettes. Plus, you get six shadows rather than only three like in the lake moss trio. Although I must say that the NYX single eyeshadow in exotic green is very, very close to Libertine, with exotic green being just a bit more sparkley. 

Overall, I do really like this palette. I'd give it a B as a rating. I knocked off a letter because they could have been more richly pigmented, but they are decently pigmented and very pretty. The packaging is nice and love that they included the black liner, which gives this palette bonus points and an over B grade from me. And just as an fyi, my favorite shade of the bunch is Cobra. 

Here are a few bonus pics I was going to cut from the post, but decided to include them in! Let me know if you like the extra pictures even if they are not the best quality, first choice pictures and would like me to keep including the bonus pictures. : )

Urban Decay Black Palette, Closeup of Barracuda, Jet, Cobra, Libertine

Urban Decay Black Palette Cobra

Urban Decay Black Palette Swatches

Urban Decay Black Palette Swatches
What's your opinion on the Urban Decay Black Palette? These shadows do look extremely better in person than in the swatches because the beautiful shimmer wouldn't show up the pictures, so be sure to check it out in person. Leave any questions and/or comments you have below : )

Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe and check back later for future Urban Decay Posts!
  * XO - Glamatronic *

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