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Too Faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection Swatches , Pictures, Review

Hey everyone! I finally finished my pictures and swatches of the new Too Faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection. I gave everyone a preview of the new Too Faced Holiday Collection a week or two ago and informed you on which sets were the best value as well as a customized gift list on who each particular set would be perfect for. If you missed that post click here to check it out

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collection Holiday Palette

Now, on to the Too faced Sweet Dreams Makeup Collections swatches and review. 

First Impressions
My first impressions of this collection is how beautiful the packaging is. I opened up my Sephora box and immediately seen the pretty sparkles all over and how the edges of the palette were intricately cut with several groves like a picture frame. The artwork is also gorgeous, as most Too Faced Holiday palettes tend to be. It features a princess sitting on pink swan surrounded by butterflies, flowers and more. She's being lifted into the clouds by a hot air balloon with a banner that says sweet dreams and then a golden Eifle Tower on her left side. There is also a cute little dog hidden in the flower cluster on the bottom right side, who is also wearing a princess crown. The back of the outside box features a breakdown of all the shades included as well as their ingredient  list. When you open the box up, the design is the same on the palette except loaded with glitter and shine. 
The shadows themselves seemed a bit smaller than I expected, but they were so pretty that I didn't mind the size. 

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Eyeshadows

The shadows are beautiful. Most of them have an iridescent quality or duochrome sort of finish, but there are a few mattes as well. I noticed there are a few shades in this palette that are also in the Romance Palette, I believe there are three. As far as the quality goes, it's pretty amazing. The shadows are very pigmented and smooth. The mattes are like butter, as usual, and their shimmery shades sparkle like crazy in the light. 

Eyeshadow Shade Breakdown with my own descriptions

  • In The Buff - a pale ivory nude 
  • Peach Fuzz - a pale peachy nude with golden sparkles 
  • Copper Peony - a shimmery copper
  • Teddy Bear - A matte, cool-toned, medium brown
  • Lovey Dove - A shimmery, chocolate brown with golden shimmer
  • Satin Sheets - A salmon shimmer with gold sheen
  • Cut The Cake - A grayed light purple with a golden iridescent shimmer
  • Party Girl - A deep purple with a red iridescent almost duochrome, and purple and blue glitters
  • Nice Ash - A taupey grey with green and gold shimmers
  • Smolder - A matte charcoal grey 
  • Honey Moon - A gorgeous shimmery gold with an almost golden olive iridescent sheen 
  • Label Whore - A red-toned brown with a green duochrome sheen
  • Nice Stems!- A mid-toned green with a golden iridescent-like shimmer
  • Cop A Teal - A deep blue with teal shimmers
  • First Dance - A matte plum

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette 

This bronzer smells amazing, like chocolate cocoa, hints the name of the bronzer, Chocolate Soleil. I can see this color looking good with fair, light, and even medium skin tones. Of course be more light handed on fair skin tones and more heavy on medium skin. This bronzer is matte and very smooth, which is what most people desire in bronzer. 

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Palette Picture

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Bronzer, Highlighter, Blushes Picture

The highlighter in this kit is very pretty. It's a pale golden pinky yellow shade (yes all three at the same time lol). It has golden shimmers and shows up as more of a yellow/gold highlight on your skin. It's very pretty to get that glowy look and would be perfect to wear for the holidays. 

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Swatches

Too Faces Sweet Dreams Swatches
The second picture above is two shadows, then the highlighter, bronzer and the two blushes from the too faced palette.

This kit comes with two blushes, Cocoa Rose and Sweet Pink. Cocoa Rose is brown-toned pink, probably best for medium skin, but you can use it lightly on light and fair skin as well. You might could get away with using it as a bronzer on fair skin depending on your undertones since it does have a slight pink tinge it will depend. It is matte, though, and I love matte blushes. The other shade, Sweet Pink, is a medium pink with golden glitter. I honestly think sweet pink looks amazing as an eyeshadow, I like it as a blush as well, but since it has golden glitter in it, I think its better as a shadow, but it depends on your preference. 

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Get The Look Cards 

Instruction Cards
The Too Faced Sweet Dreams kit comes with three instruction cards to give you some ideas on what sort of looks you can make with this palette. There is a Day Dreamer card with presents a more romantic look using the shimmery peach shade, a Sultry Swan look using the deeper 'sultry' shades, and finally the Dancing Sugar Plums look which uses the purples for a dark, smokey eye and then lighter colors on the face. You can mix and match the colors for each look or make your own.

Full Size Shadow Insurance
The Sweet Dreams Kit also comes with a full size tube of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is your basic nude eyeshadow primer. This is a favorite among many people because it intensifies your eyeshadows as well as makes them last much longer. 

Below are more pictures, be sure to click each one to enlarge them. 
Too Faced Sweet Dreams Packaging 

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Box Picture

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Mirror Picture

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Contents Picture

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Story 

Overall Impression
My overall impression is.. gorgeous. The packaging couldn't get any more gorgeous, the eyeshadows are so pretty, you get a highlighter, bronzer and two blushes, plus the full size shadow insurance... which is an amazing kit for a really good price. There are 15 shadows included which give you an endless amount of looks. Definitely check this kit out and consider giving it as a gift for the holidays. 

 I give The Too Faced Sweet Dreams palette an A- overall

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back later for additional swatches, reviews and more. 

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*xo - Glamatronic*

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This set looks beautiful and I adore Too Faced shadows! I would love to see some looks that you put together with this palette :)

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