Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glamatronic Makeup Collection

Hey everyone! So I have some exciting news that you may or may not know about, I did announce this on facebook earlier. I am going to be releasing my own makeup collection of eyeshadow pigments with a planned release date of October 2011, next month! I'm also going to be selling stylish and cute jewelry as well, yay : )

Now, I'd love to know exactly which colors and types of eyeshadows you like. Do you like glitters, mattes, shimmers, duochromes? Purples, golds, silvers, teals? Let me know the shades and textures you prefer. 

I'm thinking about adding a little make your own customer color eyeshadow addition as well if anyone thinks they'd be interested in that. I will of course offer exclusive coupon codes to all of my loyal readers as well as offer a customer loyalty program, which all the kinks and details will be worked out for that later. I may offer larger sets of colors that go together for a discount compared to single shadows and things like that, too. So let me know all of your thoughts and opinions on color selection etc.  

The most important thing now, and always, is the product itself and making colors everyone will love to wear. 

I'm super excited to release the new shadows and can't wait to see which colors everyone likes and just see my project come to life. 

Thanks :D
XO - Glamatronic


Gaelle- The Make up Fairy said...

I love duochrome pigments. I also would like to see more matte pigments out there. That's a very exciting venture!

Glamatronic said...

@Gaelle I'm for sure going to have both of those. Duochromes are my favorite and I know there is a big lack of mattes out there, so there will be a lot of those as well. Thanks for your opinions : )

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