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Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette Swatches compared to Urban Decay Naked Palette Swatches, Review, Pictures & Dupes

Hey everyone! So today I'll be comparing some swatches of similar eyeshadows from The Urban Decay 15 Year Palette and The Urban Decay Naked Palette. There are quite a few similar shades and a couple that are pretty close to dupes with very little differences between one another.  I will let you know how the colors are alike, as well as give you my verdict on which palette is better, along with their best attributes and flaws. And I'll let you know if it's worth getting both palettes if you already have one or the other.

Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette 
**(Click pictures for larger view) And keep in mind that these have no base (swatched on bare skin) and are only one swipe of color.**

*Also if you want to see my full review and all 15 swatches of the 15 year anniversary palette palette, not just these comparison swatches, click that link.

  • Midnight Rodeo, Sidecar - Midnight Rode and Sidecar are both light, warm, golden browns. The main difference, which is very slight, is the small amount of orange tone in Midnight Rodeo and that same tone in sidecar is more pink. Midnight Rodeo is slightly more copper toned, whereas when you look at Sidecar you see the a pink tint.
  • Midnight 15, Sin - These are both light, shimmery beiges with taupe and pink leans. Sin has a much more obvious pink tone, while the pink in midnight 15 is extremely slight. Midnight 15 leans more towards a cooler silver lean, while sin leans more warm and pink.But they are still very close and have many of the same elements to them.
Below is a picture comparing Midnight Rodeo to Sidecar and then swatches comparing Midnight 15 and Sin. 

From Top To Bottom: Urban Decay Sin, Midnight 15 - UD Sidecar, Midnight Rodeo

Urban Decay Naked Light Browns compared to Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Light Browns

  • Deeper, Smog  - Deeper is a tad bit darker and smog has a litte more orange tone to it than Deeper. They are both deep to mid bronzey browns with golden shimmer. Deeper and Smog are not dupes, but are similar.

  • M.I.A, Darkhorse, Hustle - M.I.A is a mid to deep brown that looks sort of like chocolate with a bit of a maroon tinge. Darkhorse is similar, but is a little deeper and cooler toned than M.I.A because it doesn't have the same dab of maroon to it. Hustle, which looks different than M.I.A in the pan, is actually a closer match than Darkhorse (which looked more similar to M.I.A in the pan). Hustle is mid brown with maroon leans, but it is a little lighter than M.I.A and not as rich. Hustle also is much less pigmented than M.I.A, with M.I.A being very, very slightly warmer toned.

    Below is a picture comparing Deeper from the 15 Year Palette to Smog in the Naked Palette, as well as M.I.A from 15 to Darkhorse and Hustle from the Naked Palette.

    From Top To Bottom: Urban Decay Hustle, Darkhorse, M.I.A -  UD Deeper, Smog

    Urban Decay 15 Year Palette Browns & Grays Vs. UD Naked Palette Browns & Grays

    • Ace, Gunmetal, Creep - Ace is a deep, blackened charcoal shade with silver shimmers.  It is similar to Gunmetal and Creep from the Naked Palette. At first glance, it appears that Ace and Gumental are dupes, when actually, Ace is much closer to Creep, even though Ace appears grey in the pan and Creep looks carbon black in the pan. Ace appears darker once swatched and Creeper is much lighter swatched, which ends up making these shades  very close. The only difference is that Ace has a lot more fine shimmers throughout than Creep, even though Creep appears to have tons more glitter and shimmer in the pan, Creep does not have as much shimmer swatched. Gunmetal is still very close to these two shades, it just has more blue undertones to it, while Ace and Creep have more black undertones. The one thing that does set Ace apart from both of these shades is that it has some sublte blue shimmers in it, whereas the other two shades only pick up silver shimmer when swatched. In the picture below, you can see the Ace swatch looks darker than both swatches of Gunmetal and Creep, but all three shades are very close.

    Left To Right: Urban Decay Swatches Ace, Gunmetal, Creep

    Overall, the Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette Swatches do match up very closely with some of the Urban Decay Naked Palette swatches. The eyeshadows in the 15 palette are more pigmented than the majority of its Naked Palette counterparts. But would I say not get one if you already have the other? No, I think there are plenty of differnt shades in each palette and that you should get both if you are a UD fan.

    But, as much as everyone loves the Naked Palette, I'd have to recommend the 15 Year Anniversary Palette over the Naked. Its eyeshadows are more pigmented and smooth, plus the 15 palette has brand new exclusive shades with a collectors box lined with velvet, which ends up being much more nice than the Naked Palette.

    The Naked Palette is nice as well. It has sleek, small packaging and comes with a brush and primer potion, however, I find this brush useless for applying eyeshadow. The brush is thin, flat and very stiff with plastic bristles, definitely not the type of brush you use to apply shadow. Its great for concealer, but I find that dense, fluffy brushes apply shadow best. The slickness of the UD brush makes it almost impossible to grab a lot of color at once.  I really do not know what Urban Decay was thinking calling this their eyeshadow brush. 

    I honestly think UD were scrambling to make more Naked Palettes at the time, they were in very high demand, so they stuck these brushes in instead of trying to make the more complicated 24/7 liners. I think having a brush in there is a good idea, but this is just not an eyeshadow brush and I would have rather had the liners, myself.

    Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette, Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

    Who will love the 15th Anniversary Palette?
    *Those who want a mixture of brights, neutrals, and smokey shades
    *Fans of Urban Decay and collectors items
    *Those who want a great deal, 15 full sized eyeshadows for $55 is only $3.66 per shadow!

    Who won't like the 15 Year Anniversary Palette?
    *Those who don't like shimmers or metallic shades.
    *Those who stick to the same shades and don't like variety 
    *And some people may not like the fact that the palette shows fingerprints.

    Who will like the Naked Palette?
    *Those who love neutrals, golds and bronzes
    *People who like a more compact palette
    *Previous Urban Decay Palette Fans
    *Fans of metallic and shimmer shades

    Who won't like the Naked Palette?
    *Those who don't like neutrals or those who only wear colorful shadows
    *Those who like only matte, while there are a couple matte shades, but the majority are shimmers or metallics

    **Do I recommend one palette over the other? Yes, I think the 15 Year Palette is better, but there are enough different shades in each palette that I think it is worth it to own both. **

    Comment Time!
    Do you own either the Urban Decay Naked Palette or the Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette? Which one do you like better? Which shades are your favorite? Do you think it's worth getting both palettes? Leave a comment below and let us know!

    Thanks for reading!Be sure to check back later for future Urban Decay Posts : )
    XO - Glamatronic

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