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MAC Posh Paradise Collection Pictures, Products, Release Date

 MAC Posh Paradise Collection Fall 2011

MAC is releasing a new collection in September called Posh Paradise. This collection is exotic jungle inspired, taking inspiration rare flowers, seeds and all the deepened hues of jungle plants. These types of colors are perfect for fall. Lipstick lovers will love the introduction of several new semi-matte lipsticks and paint pot lovers, MAC is finally introducing several new, limited edition paint shades!

MAC says, "Succumb to temptation in a Paradise that invites taboo encounters. Rare and exotic, these delights are divine; fig leaves meet fashion beneath a jungle canopy where Seeds of Desire sprout. Discover Unknown Pleasures with lavishly lush Nail Lacquers and Mattene Lipsticks. Semi-matte lips get ultra-pure colour in a slinky, slither-smooth formula that feels as light on the lips as lust. Trespass tantalizingly with pearlized Paint Pots in shades that create seamless coverage while blending smoothly over lids. Indulge yourself with a plush, posh and provocative collection of hypnotic hues."

MAC Posh Paradise will be released..
September 15 US & Canada
October International

Mattene Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)
Naked Bliss - Neutral light pink
Rare Exotic - Bright mid-tone blue pink
Legendary - Mid-tone brick red
Unknown Pleasures - Deep red blue
Seeds of Desire - Deep brown plum
Eden Rouge - Bright blue-red
Delectable - Orange-beige
Potent Fig - Deep blue grape
Deliciously Foribbden - Mid-tone berry
Fresh Amour - Light lavender

Paint Pot ($17.00 U.S. / $18.50 CDN) ( Limited Edition)
Treasure Hunt - Light pearled yellow (Frost)
Half-Wild - Mid-tone purple (Frost)
Hyperviolet - Deep violet (Frost)
Nubile - Light peachy nude (Frost)
Idyllic -  Mid-tone copper bronze (Frost)
Genuine Treasure -  Reflects antique gold (Frost)
Pure Creation - Mid-tone frosty blue (Frost)
Imaginary - Blackened navy (Frost)
Nail Lacquer ($14.00 U.S. / $17.00) (Limited Edition)
Immortal - Gold Pale gold (Frost)
Rain of Flowers - Blackened violet with violet pearlized pigments (Frost) (Repromote)

 This collection is perfect for fall with all the berries, plums, and purples. I'm really excited for the semi-matte lipsticks! I've always been a fan of matte looks for fall as well as purple/plumy lipsticks. Those who are fans of paint pots will also love this collection because MAC is released brand new, limited edition paint pot shades in colors that many people have been looking for. The paint pot shades look really gorgeous from the promo images, so I'm thinking they will look even better in person

Mac Delectable

MAC Deliciously Forbidden

MAC Eden Rouge

MAC Fresh Amour

MAC Delectable Mattene Lipsticks

MAC Naked Bliss

MAC Potent Fig

MAC Rare Exotic

MAC Seeds Of Desire

Immortal Gold

MAC Rain Of Flowers

MAC Genuine Treasure

MAC Half-Wild

MAC HyperViolet

MAC Idyllic

MAC Imaginary

MAC Nubile
MAC Pure Creation Paint Pot

MAC Treasure Hunt Paint Pot

Comment Time!
What do you think of Posh Paradise? What are your favorite items from this collection? Will you be picking anything up? Leave any other comments or questions you may have below. 

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back later for swatches and more!
XO - Glamatronic

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