Sunday, August 7, 2011

LA Girl Cracked Nail Polish Collection Pictures, Info

L.A. Girl Cosmetics has released a nail polish collection called Cracked. Following in the steps of the Early 90's Covergirl shatter glass topcoats and the more recent OPI Black Shatter and China Glaze Crackle Glaze, this new collection includes eight shatter polishes and one diamond top coat.

L.A. Girl says, "The hottest new trend in nail polish. This revolutionary nail polish creates a unique cracked effect instantly. Pair it with a contrasting color to create a unique cracked finish for an edgy and grunge inspired look."

L.A. Girl Cracked Nail Polish Shades:
  • Cracked - White Crackle
  • Shattered - Black Crackle
  • Rupture - Turquoise Crackle
  • Frag - Pink Crackle
  • Blast - Red Crackle
  • Explode - Blue/Purple Crackle
  • Fracture - Violet Crackle
  • Erupt - White Crackle 
  • Diamond Top Coat

The new LA Girl Cracked Nail Polishes can be found on for $6 and is now on for a short time for $4.99. I'm thinking they will be found in select hottopic stores as well and will eventually be on cherryculture (Cherry Culture currently does have these yet)

Comment Time! 
What do you think of the new LA Girl Crack Polishes? I still like crackle polishes, but all the companies make the same shades. Where are the neon orange, lime green, bright yellow and maybe some glitter crackles? I kinda disagree with la girl saying this is the hottest new trend (maybe they were a year ago) because crackles are quickly becoming that annoying song they play on the radio 50 times a day that you once loved, but has become ruined by overplay. Don't get me wrong, I do like Crackles, but how many black and silver crackles does one person need? Leave any comments you have below!

Thanks for reading!
XO - Glamatronic

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