Saturday, July 2, 2011

Model21 Lashes Sale, Discount, Coupon Codes. Huge 4th of July Sale!

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, several websites and stores are having 4th of July/ Independence Day Sales. Usually, I do most of my sale alerts on twitter and facebook, but I wanted to let everyone in on this amazing deal (and also show you what you may be missing if you don't follow me on facebook/twitter).  So here's the deal.... already sells their lashes for super cheap. You get a box/10 pairs for around $8 and these lashes are amazing, like 50 times better than Ardell (which are like $5 for one pair!). Well, not only do you get them dirt cheap, but you get free shipping with the purchase of three boxes... and wait, it gets better. You also get your 4th box free... and wait, I'm not even done yet. It also let me combine my code I had from joining their facebook fan group, which is code:FBM21E  Guess what? Still not done adding the amazingness to this sale. Until July 6th, you can also add in code:LOVE4th to get another 15% off!  Flipping amazing, right? 
**You get can get 4 boxes/40 pairs of lashes for as cheap as $19 shipped!  
Huge Sale/Deal Breakdown:
  • Boxes already discounted to as low as $7.98 
  • Free Shipping with purchase of 3 boxes 
  • Buy 3 Boxes Get 4th Box Free (automatically added to your cart) 
  • Use Code: LOVE4th for 15% off 
  • Use Code: FBM21E for another 5% off 
    As of right now, 7/2/11, all of these deals are working together and my order has been verified and such. So hopefully it will still keep working for everyone :D

I've done a small review/post on Model21 Lashes before (you can type model21 in the glamatronic search box to find the post if interested), where I mentioned how much I love them and that they are some my favorite lashes. I purchased them off of amazon from a seller called loving lotus, which is a great seller as well, but the website is having this crazy deal, so I suggest buying from them before July 6th to take advantage of it.  If you are a makeup artist who uses tons of fake lashes on clients or just a girl who love having a variety of lashes to choose from, you have to check out this model 21 eyelash sale.
 I'm so super excited to get my lashes, if you can't tell from my rave about this deal haha :D  I'll be sure to review them and take pictures when they come in. Are you going to take advantage of the deal? Leave a comment below and let me know if it works for you. 
 Thanks for reading! Don't forget to follow Glamatronic.Net for more amazing deals and posts. I also post deals exclusively on my Twitter and Facebook, so if you like saving money, you know what to do :)
XO - Glamatronic 
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