Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Shades ELF $1 Lipstick Swatches, Pictures Review

 New ELF Lipstick Swatches, Pictures, Review (Summer 2011 Shades)

ELF has released several new cosmetics shades for the summer season. I've already reviewed several of these products and now, here are the new shades of lipsticks from the $1 line.  

Swatched Above: Elf Lipsticks in  Charming, Captivating, Flirtatious, Sociable, Fearless, Nostalgic

The new shades are
  • Charming  - A nude pink (creme)
  • Captivating - An orange coral (creme/gloss)
  • Flirtatious - A light, peachy pink (creme)
  • Sociable- A deep berry pink, creme finish, but with specks of glitter
  • Fearless - A bright, berry red with hints of deep pink tones (creme finish)
  • Nostalgic - A semi-sheer, very glossy, light nude. (glossy finish)
Fearless, Sociable, Flirtatious, Captivating, Charming, Nostalgic

 Fearless is a very nice, bright, creamy red. This leans more on the blue-toned side and even has just a slight bit of pink to it. Fearless would be the perfect lipstick to wear for a pin-up or retro sort of makeup look. I'm going to add this lipstick to my idea of list of possible/future tutorials for a retro 40's makeup look. 


Sociable is a deep pink shade and unlike a shimmery finish lipstick, the base of this is a creme, but then has glitter specks added in. Usually, glitter lipsticks are rather chunky feeling, but this shade feels smooth on the lips even with the large glitter flakes. This is a fun kind of shade suitable to add some drama to a natural eye looks or when you want to draw extra attention to your lips. 


Flirtations is a nice, peachy pink shade. It's very suitable for spring and summer and can be worn with almost sort of makeup look. I think this would be a nice shade to pair with smokey eyes instead of the normal nude colors. This will also look very pretty paired with a softer eye for a more delicate, romantic/feminine look.

Captivating is a very orange coral shade with a bit of a glossy finish. An orange-coral is a great, wearable version of the summery, orange lipstick trend. Be careful when wearing lip colors with heavy orange leans, though, because they will make your teeth appear much more yellow than they really are. 

Charming is a nice pinky nude with a cool to neutral tone. This is not a very unique shade, I have other lipsticks very similar to this, but it is still a very pretty shade nonetheless. If you like nudes that lean on the pink side, then you will most likely love Charming. 

I already have a review on the shade Nostalgic, which you can view by clicking here. 

*Note - I have several other ELF swatches on here, which you can find by typing ELF into the search bar, or by clicking the reviews index tab. Below is an index of some the lip color swatches and reviews

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Overall, these lipsticks are amazing quality for the price, very creamy, highly pigmented, and have a nice texture. I think the addition of these six new shades has greatly expanded the color variety available through the $1 lipstick line and has made it possible for everyone to find a suitable shade.

What do you think of the new ELF lipstick shades? Which of these is your favorite? Leave a comment below telling us your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! 
xo - Glamatronic

 These lipsticks are available on and in some target stores.


G A B Y said...

Flirtatious and Nostalgic look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time out to do the swatches! This helped me with today's purchase!

You rock!!! :)

glamatronic said...

@anon Your Welcome : ) Glad it helped

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