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The Master List For Professional Makeup Artist Kits: Which Products to Stock

 The Master List for Professional Makeup Artist Kits By: Glamatronic.Net

Hi everyone! I've put together a master list of beauty items you'd need to have for a professional makeup artist kit. There are tons of suggestions for basic makeup kits, but not as many for those are just starting out as a makeup artist or for those who are taking steps to become more professional. Whether you're an aspiring makeup artist or just a makeup addict who wants an amazing kit for yourself and friends, here's the key items you'll want.

-Skin Care Section-
  • Makeup Removers
  • Cleansers, Astringent and Toner
  • Moisturizer 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Makeup Wipes
  • Benadryl Creams in case a client has an allergic reaction to products
  • Makeup Setting Sprays and Finishing Sprays
  • Face and Eye Primers

  • You'll want a variety of colors and make sure to pack a pure white and an extremely dark shade in case you have to mix colors together to get a perfect match for your client
  • You'll want all finishes of foundation, cream, creame to powder, liquid, mineral, powder.
  • Make sure you have undertones covered as well. You need to have both warm, neutral and cool-toned shades. If you are on a budget, invest in a red, blue and yellow mixing color which will allow you to adjust the undertone to fit the client. 
  • *Also, tinted moisturizers and BB Creams are great alternatives for clients who don't like foundations. 

  • You'll want to bring both loose and pressed powders, as well as HD powders.
  • Pack shades from translucent, fair, light, medium and dark. Also be sure to have a yellow, yellow/pink to adjust undertones if needed. 

  • Be sure to bring creme, gel, and pencil forms of concealers.
  • Colors needed: Green and Yellow to cancel out redness, Salmon and orange tones to cover up blues and dark circles.
  • Make sure to pack a heavy concealer and tracing pencil for tattoo cover-ups (it's best to ask beforehand if your client will need tattoos covered)

  • For highlighters, bring both creams/liquids and powders
  • Shades should range from pearl, coral, golds and yellows. 

-Bronzers & Contour- 
  • Powders, Cremes, Liquids
  • Colors Needed:
    • Light browns, taupes, bronzes, gold, medium browns, dark browns in both mattes and shimmers, and in both cool, warm, and neutral tones.


  •  Bring powders, creme, gel, mousse, or stains
  • Have a large variety of shades available
    • apricot, beige, taupe, coral, pink, orange, red, mauves, plums, bronze


  • You will need pencils, glosses, lipsticks, balms, stains and tints. It's sometimes best to invest in a palette for lipsticks and blams, or perhaps melt down your stick form shades into a pan for convenience.
  • Colors Needed:
    • Pinks, Reds, Mauves, Nudes, Browns, Corals, Oranges. It's also nice to have primary colors (blue, red, yellows) and also, a black and a white, which will allow you to custom mix the perfect shades. 

  • Pressed Powders, Pigments, Creams, Liquids 
  • Colors: It's best to invest in larger palettes when first beginning to make sure you have all the shades you need. Buy a couple neutral palettes, a few bright palettes, a primary colors palettes, and a smokey palette. 
  • Finishes: Make sure to have a variety of finishes from glitters, satins, mattes, shimmers, pearls, metallics, etc
  • You may also want a few loose glitters that are eye safe and cosmetic grade.
  • ***Important Note/ Random Tip*** If buying from some independent makeup companies, make sure each shade is FDA approved for the area of the face you intend to use it on. (For example, some companies are selling neon pink, glow in the dark eyeshadows, but they are NOT FDA approved for eye use.) So if you intend on using it for lips, eyes, cheeks, etc, make sure you find out before purchasing it is approved that use. Major companies must pass inspections before selling cosmetics, indie sellers aren't required to do this, so if a client has a bad reaction to a product you used and it was not approved for use in the area you used it on, you may be held responsible. 

  • Liquids, Gels, Pencils, Powders
  • Stock tons of blacks and quite a few browns, blues and whites
    • You'll also want some fun, bright colors like teals, purples, pinks, orange, etc. (Make Up For Ever has amazing liquid liners in tons of shades)
  • *Tip* If you don't have a particular liner shade, you can always use use a bit of mixing medium with a colorful shadow or pigment to turn it into a liner.

 -False Lashes-
  • Bring an assortment of styles and sizes
  • Colors: Most people prefer black, but also keep some browns stocked
  • Styles: Short, Long, Natural, Dramatic, Half Lashes, Individual Lashes, Cat Eyed or Angled Lashes (fuller and/or longer in the outer corners), Full, Demis, Wispies.
    • It will help to ask beforehand about lashes in-case the client wants something special, overly dramatic, or a specific style
  •  Bring Clear, Duo adhesive, eyelash glue and individual eyelash glue. Be sure to keep a non latext glue on hand for clients with latex allergies. 


  • Bring both cakes and liquids in browns, blacks and clear. 
  • You may also want to keep a couple of fun colors such as purple or teal

  • Fillers in Pencils, Gels and Powders. 
  • Shades:
    • Blonde, dark blonde, red blonde, ash, light brown, medium brown, brown, light auburn, dark auburn, dark brown, black
  • Also bring a highlighting pencil, both a shimmery pearl and a matte white to matte beige pencil to add lift underneath the arch of the brows

Sanitary Items and Miscellaneous
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Disenfecting Wipes
  • Individual disposable mascara wands and gloss wands
  • Cotton Swabs with pointed and flat ends (to clean up mistakes easily and accurately) 
  • Cotton Balls
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Oil Blotting Sheets - Rice Papers 
  • Disposable Sponges 
  • A Color Wheel (will come in handy if you need to mix colors together)

  • The best thing to do here would be to invest in a great quality, complete brush kit. You'll be using and washing these constantly, and will want brushes that not only will last you the longest, but that will feel smooth and soft on your clients face, eyes, and body. ( I suggest checking out Sigma Makeup Brush Kits, which are not only great quality, but inexpensive compared to most other professional grade brushes. )
  • You can also want to look into purchasing a complete face kit and complete eye kit separately, which usually will give you better options.
  • If you can't find a kit with everything you are wanting, you can always purchase brushes separately at a variety of locations as well. Sigma Makeup and Crown Brush both have a variety of brushes available, I recommend the synthetic sets from Crown for cheaper options, but Sigma is still the best option and most durable of the two.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE! You'll want to make sure to keep synthetic brushes on-hand for people who may have allergies to animal hair bristles and for your clients who are vegan or have a stance against animal testing. (A lot of people won't mind natural haired bristles, but always be prepared with synthetic brushes as well because you want to make sure your customers are happy. I like synthetic brushes better anyway because they seem to keep their shape better after washing.)

So there is my breakdown of all the basics you will need for a Professional Makeup Artist Kit. If you are wanting to make a jump from doing makeup on friends and family, to branching out into freelancing, this list should provide you with most of the basics you will be needing. Feel free to customize the specifics by your preferences, of course, and you can feel free to print this list out you think it will help you later. : )

Also, here is a quick list of Makeup Brands I recommend and specific products from each line I love. Each brand has hits and misses as far as products, if you'd like a more in depth list of specific products that are standouts from each brand, just comment below and let me know.

Inexpensive Brands ($1 - $10 on average)
  • ELF, eyeslipsface(mineral lipsticks, studio hd powder, studio brushes)
  • NYX Cosmetics (blushes, round lipsticks, single eyeshadows)
  • Revlon - (Lip Sticks, Foundations)
  • Wet N Wild - (eyeshadows, sunny bronzer)
  • L'oreal  (h.i.p liners, infallible eyeshadows, carbon black mascara, linear intense liner)
  • Milani - (lipsticks, blushes, liquify pencil liner)
  • LASplash
  • LaGirl
  • Maybelline (mascaras)
  • Inglot** -   (shadows)
  • Crown Brush**

Mid Range  ($10 - $40 on average)
  • Coastal Scents*
  • BH Cosmetics -  (eye palettes)
  • MAC Cosmetics - (amazing lipsticks)
  • Sigma - (brushes)
  • Urban Decay (liners and shadows, primers)
  • Sephora Brand
  • Too Faced - (eyeshadows, palettes,eye primers)
  • Sugar Pill (single shadows)
  • OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics** (lip tars)
  • Make Up For Ever**
  • Stila  - (custom color blush, kitten eye shadow)
  • Mehron**
  • Ben Nye**
  • Illamasqua**
  • Benefit
  • Lancome**  (hypnose mascara)

Expensive ($40 or more on average)
  • YSL Yves Saint Laurent ( lipsticks)
  • Gucci
  • Versace 
  • Armani (specifically the eyes set to kill shadows)
  • Givenchy 
  • NARS (blushes)
  • Chanel  (lip colours)
  • Dior* (mascara)

 Guide: *=Some items may be less expensive, **=some items may be more expensive

I hope this helps all the aspiring makeup artists out there. I tried to be as thorough as possible, while keeping it as short as possible
(which was challenging and took quite some time). If anyone wants me to go into greater detail about something here, feel free to comment below and ask anything, whether it be wanting more random tips, greater details on brands and specific products, colors, etc.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to subscribe / follow for future updates and check out my facebook and twitter for even more tips and info. 
XO - Glamatronic

Image Source: Getty Images


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Osonokwu Okemena said...

Very helpful. Thanks a bunch

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