Sunday, June 5, 2011

MAC BB Cream, Mac Prep & Prime Beauty Cream

There has been a lot of talk about BB Creams over the past year and these creams have been popular in Asian counties for several years. 

For those of you who have no idea what a BB Cream is, it's commonly referred to as a "blemish balm" or beauty balm, and is similar to a tinted moisturizer or light foundation. It is known to have medicinal benefits and was originally developed to help heal and conceal patients' skin after laser treatments and surgery. The creams have spf, moisturizer, anti wrinkles remedies, skin protectants, concealer, antioxidants, acne clearing capabilities and more depending on which particular creme you buy. There are versions that have bits of gold and caviar in them, weird, right?

Some of the more popular brands of BB Cream are Skin79 and Missha, but these brands are made in other countries. Most recently, there has been an American version of BB cream released to Sephora and now, MAC has jumped onto the bandwagon releasing their own version of a BB Cream.

One thing to note is that BB creams often only come in two or three shades. The shades blend into most skintones and some how magically match everyone's skin. You may be a bit sketchy about this, especially if you've tried those foundation that claim to adjust to each skin tone that never worked. However, these are completely different. You may have to try several brands to find that has the right undertone for you. The Asian balms tend have more of grayish tone, but the gray blends away after rubbing it into your face. The MAC cream has more of a yellow tone. 

Here is a list of ingredients for MAC Beauty Cream - Algae Extract, Wheat Extract, Barley Extract, Lecithin (also found in Skin Food BB creams), Mica, SPF 35. This hydrates, prep the skin for other makeup, corrects color imperfections, gives a subtle glow and provide sun protection.

MAC's cream is lightly scented, creamy and goes on smoothly. It very lightweight, leaves a glowy finish and has light coverage. However, I think the Skin79 BB Cream is much better as far as coverage and better overall.

MAC BB Cream retails for $30, you can get Skin79 BB Cream for $14 on Amazon.

 Have you tried any bb creams? If so what do you think of them. Are you going to try the MAC version? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think! : )

Photos belong to MAC and Skin79


Catanya said...

Oh my gosh! I literally had no idea MAC had jumped on the bandwagon with the BB Creams! Thanks so much for your heplful explanation; I am now seriously considering buying MAC one soon!

Glamatronic said...

@Catanya You're welcome : )
Yeah, Mac hasn't been talking about this product very much and it doesn't seem to have gotten around very well online yet either. I'm not sure why, because usually all MAC products are widely talked about.

Let us know what you think about it if you end up buying it. I haven't heard many reviews yet. : )

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