Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ELF Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint Swatches, Pictures, Review

ELF has added a new product to the Mineral line called Moisturizing Lip Tints, which I will be reviewing and swatching in this post.  

ELF Mineral Lip Tint in Berry & Rose

The tints are available in 8 new shades:
  • Natural
  • Cherry
  • Pink 
  • Berry
  • Blush
  • Rose 
  • Guava
  • Cinnamon

Berry and Rose are the two elf mineral lip tint shades I decided to purchased and below are the swatches and pictures of Elf Berry and Elf Rose.

ELF Lip Tint Swatches Rose & Berry

The mineral lip tint in Rose, is very close to my natural lip color. If you have pigmented lips this is going to be close or perhaps a shade or two darker than your natural lips. It gives your lips a sort of flushed, deepened pink color.

ELF Lip Tint Rose

The elf lip tint in Berry is a bit darker compared to Rose. It reminds me of what your lips look like if they are stained berry. It looks more natural, since it's a balm, very comparable to what a stain would do, except without the completely dry looking texture.

As far as the formula and product itself, I do not find these moisturizing at all, which defeats the purpose of a 'moisturizing lip tint.' It does give a natural looking tint, which is a nice change from a typical lipstick. It is more pigmented than most usual lip balms, but I'm still bothered by the fact that they make my lips feel dry.

ELF Berry Lip Tint Swatch
 Overall, I'd rate these as a C . They get a D for formula, but an A- for the nice, natural tint of color. I wish so much that they moisturized because I love the colors, but sadly, they don't. However, if you are wanting these for the moisturizing capabilities, I'd say pass on these.

Has anyone else tried the new ELF Moisturizing Lip Tints? Did you like them? Did they actually moisturize your lips or did they have more of a drying effect like they did for me? Comment below and let us know. 

Thanks for reading!
xo - Glamatronic


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