Monday, May 23, 2011

New ELF Studio Blush Giddy Gold, Swatches, Pictures, Review (New shades for Summer 2011)

 ELF Giddy Gold Studio Blush Swatch, Pictures, Review

Here is yet another new shade added to the ELF website for Summer 2011 called Giddy Gold. This shade is found in the Studio Blush Line and there is also one more new shade called Twinkle Pink.

First off, the pictures of this product on the ELF website are very off. Giddy Gold Blush appears to be a pretty peach-to-orange ombre blush from the provided product pictures. However, it isn't a blush at all, but a purely golden highlight shade. It is nice to get a golden summer glow, but if you were hoping for a pretty peachy orange blush, this is not the product to get. 

As far as texture and pigmentation, the pigmentation is okay, it's more on the sheer side, but I'm fairly certain ELF intended on this shade being a highlighter color since it is super shimmer and has an iridescent gold shimmer to it. It really is pretty if you want a golden highlighter. The texture is okay, it's not really smooth, but it's not rough either. 

Swatched Above: Giddy Gold
Overall, I'm kind of half-and-half on this product. I'm disappointed that the product image was wayyy off from the actual blush color in the picture and that it isn't a blush at all, but a highlighter. But, if I grade it by highlighter standpoints, it is very pretty and a nice shade to use for summer. I think ELF should separate the highlighters from the blushes, though. They only have one other highlight shade in with the blushes, but the image shows that shade almost exactly as is. And being that it is white, you know that it's not a blush, but a shimmery highlight.  

What do you think of this shade? Would you use this as a blush or as a highlighter? Have you tried any other ELF Studio Blushes? Leave a comment below telling us your thoughts and opinions. 

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AmandaLee said...

oh i love this new color and I cant wait to get it gor summer thx for the review!

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