Friday, May 20, 2011

New ELF Products Summer 2011 Information - Pictures and Swatches Coming Soon

 New ELF Products Summer 2011 - ELF Radiance Enhancers, ELF Custom Blend Mineral Foundation, New Mineral Lipstick Shades, New $1 Lipstick Shades, New $1 Eyeliner Pen Shades... and More!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that I purchased several new elf products including new shades that were just released. My package got lost and was delayed, which was not elf's fault at all, but the fault of fed ex, because Elf shipped my order out either the next day or day after I placed my order. Anyway, my products are finally here and I wanted to let you guys know that I will be working on a review and pictures tonight, and the posts will be up either late tonight or sometime tomorrow evening.

Anyway, I wanted to inform you on which products I purchased as well as let you know about all the new ELF products that are available. :D
  • - Two new mineral lipsticks shades have recently been added to the ELF website, Rich Raspberry and Beautiful Berry
  • -Two new shades of ELF Eyeliner Pens are available in Teal and Purple. There was previously a purple-toned shaded called plum, the new one is called purple. 
  • -One new shade of the $1 line lipsticks called Nostalgic, which is a nude (Note: I just discovered ELF added an additional 5 shades, which I just purchased, so be on the lookout for those in a week or two as well!)
  • -And one new shade of the hypershine gloss called Bare, which is also a nude shade. 
  • -There are two new shades of studio blush, but I just picked up one of these called Giddy, which appears to be an ombre of orange/peach shades on the website, but is actually a Golden Highlight color.
  • -ELF also added new Tinted Mineral Lip Balms yesterday, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase all of these or just get a couple to try out. I'm more of a lipstick person, but I really want to review them for my readers. Whichever I decide, they will added with the 5 new $1 lipstick/shades review when they arrive in a couple weeks :)

Those are all the new shades I purchased. I wish all these products were available when I purchased my first order, I didn't know they were going to add so many more new things later, but either way, they'll be here for you to see eventually. 

There's also a new studio line item and it's called Radiance Enhancer, which I've been waiting on, but it's still not added to the site, so I went ahead and placed my order.(It will probably be added tomorrow, of course haha).
  • -The Enhancers come in three shades, Spotlight, Sunrise and Golden and I think they will be great brush-on highlighters.

Finally, one more new item is from the mineral line and it's a custom blend mineral foundation. The idea is that you mix the four colors in the compact together to create your perfect shade. I'm not sure if I will try this because I'm so pale and know I would use only the lightest shade. There's no need for me to custom blend anything because the lightest shade is usually even too dark anyway. Sorry, but I won't be reviewing this. I do have the normal Elf Mineral foundation, and it's okay, not bad, not great. So if you have more of a medium to medium dark complexion, the custom blend foundation may something that would be useful to you, since medium skin tones are usually a mixture of different shades.  

So there you have it, the abundance of new shades and products ELF has just added to their website. The swatches, pictures and review of the new Elf products will be available for you to see on Make Me Over - Glamatronic very soon. 

Promo Images belong to ELF Cosmetics, of course.


Sally said...

Thank you so much for this post! I love ELF and I'm so excited for the new products. I recently bought the Studio blush in Giddy Gold and Twinkle Pink and the teal waterproof eyeliner pen. I did swatches on my blog.

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