Monday, May 2, 2011

Model21 Eyelashes #6 Pictures, Review

Hey everyone! I've really been loving my new Model21 false eyelashes and I'm fairly certain they are my favorites, so I had to do a review for you guys.  

I heard of Model21 lashes before and have been tempted to buy some for quite awhile. There were tons of good reviews on the brand, they are very decently priced and come in several different styles (so many in fact, that it's really hard to choose!). 

I was on the hunt for a particular model number, number six, and I noticed that the majority of online retailers have only select styles of the model 21 lashes. I've never come across a site that sells all of the styles (if you have, let me know please). 

Wearing Model21 Lashes #6
 The first thing I noticed when receiving these lashes was the cute packaging and little instruction card. You get ten pairs of lashes attached to a card and they are enclosed inside a little, clear, plastic box. I'm not sure if all the lashes come this way or if it was the particular company that I ordered from, but it's neat either way. I ordered from an amazon retailer, which turns out they have their own site called in case you were wondering where I found them. 

Application Instruction Card - Click for bigger view
One of the best things about these lashes is how lightweight they are. I'm sure the weight will vary depending upon the style and how thick or thin they are, but the number 6 are semi-dramatic, but still really light. These are the type of lashes that some people may think are really yours, but they can tell they look better than most lashes. (I'm sure people accustomed to wearing false eyelashes will know of course, but you get the point). They are somehow dramatic and natural at the same time, which is why I love them so much. 
The lashes have a nice effect on your eye. They are much longer and thicker on the outside, which creates a cat-eye effect while also making your eyes look much bigger. I think the best way to describe to describe them would be flirty mixed with a natural glam. These would be perfect for someone looking for something in the middle, not so natural that you barely tell a difference, but not so dramatic that everyone is like whoa, she's wearing fake lashes, either.

Model21 #6 Lashes
The value of is really great. Price varies depending on the retailer and of course shipping rates, but mine were $9.99 for the ten pair (or $1 per pair) on Amazon. And like I said, they have the loving lotus website as well, where the lashes are listed for $7, but then you pay $3 shipping, so it's the same difference and shipped from the same place at the same cost, $10 each way. I believe it took four days from the day I ordered to receive these (for those concerned with shipping time). You can also find certain styles on Ebay, but most of the styles cost less through Amazon. 

Model21 Lashes #6
As far as length of wear, if you prefer reusing your lashes, it will vary on which type and how much glue you use, if you put mascara on them, basically how well you take care of them. I've worn my first pair five times now and may be able to get a sixth time out of them. However, they are starting to really lose shape and certain little lashes are starting to bend in other directions. Pretty safe to say they are at the end of their life for sure, but I try to get as much wear out of a pair as possible.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Model 21 Eyelashes in number 6. I will be trying more styles eventually and I'll update everyone on whether or not I like them as well as this style.


Vintage Makeup said...

Loving the #6 lashes, so pretty!

Tina B said...

These lashes look gorgeous on you! I still haven't mastered the task of putting on lashes :(

Glamatronic said...

@Vintage Makeup - Yes, they are very pretty. I love them.

@Tina B - Thank You :) It can be tricky getting lashes on right. I've been using them for a really long time and there are still those random times when a pair will give me trouble and take forever to put on.

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