Monday, May 23, 2011

ELF Mineral Lipstick Rich Raspberry, Beautiful Berry Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

 ELF Mineral Lipstick Rich Raspberry, Beautiful Berry Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

ELF recently added several new shades and products to their website for Summer 2011. Here are the two new additions to the ELF Mineral Lipstick line called Rich Raspberry and Beautiful Berry.  

*I also have all the other ELF Mineral lipsticks swatched in a previous post - CLICK HERE for all the other mineral lipsticks.

ELF Mineral Lipstick Rich Raspberry

Rich Raspberry is a deep pink shade with a berry undertone. This shade actually almost matches the color of the inside of my lips, which are much darker than my actual lips. I have really pigmented lips, so this is actually exactly like my lip color but about 3 shades darker (maybe that makes a little bit of sense). I think this is a nice shade for someone who is looking for a deeper pink that isn't too bright or loud. This is also a great red substitute shade for those who feel reds are too dramatic for them because this is very similar to a red, but much more subtle (the deep pink berry shades are the closest you can get to red without being red). 

Beautiful Berry

Beautiful Berry is a berry toned wine sort of shade. It's really pretty and deep without being overly dramatic or too deep and red. I see this as being a really pretty shade for fall or even for late nights during the summer. ELF Beautiful Berry would be nice for a fancy night out with your hair curled, pearl earrings, and beautiful berry lips. Also, note that these lips swatches are with one thin layer. You can add a thicker layer or additional layers to build the color up to match what you see in the tube. I just like the shades more dabbed on.

Left To Right: Beautiful Berry, Rich Raspberry Elf Mineral Lipstick

As far as formula, these have a nice smooth texture and I think they are a bit more moisturizing than the other shades because my lips seemed to not dry out as much as they did with previous shades from the mineral line of lipsticks (it may just be me, I don't know..because they didn't mention changing the formula). I dabbed on some of the Rich Raspberry shade and it actually appeared to be more of matte to satin finish when applied in this manner. 

Overall, I like the new additions to the ELF Mineral Lipstick Line, Rich Raspberry and Beautiful Berry. I like Rich Raspberry the most, but Beautiful Berry is nice as well if you are looking for a deeper shade. 

What do you think of the ELF mineral lipstick shades? Have you ever tried any of the mineral lipsticks? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

are they both shimmery?

Glamatronic said...

@anon No, Rich Raspberry has no shimmer

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