Monday, May 23, 2011

ELF Eyeliner Pens Purple, Teal Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

New ELF Eyeliner Pens Purple, Teal Swatches, Picture, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

Top: ELF Eyeliner Pen Purple  Bottom: ELF Liner Teal

The ELF website has added some new shades for their popular $1 eyeliner pens, Purple and Teal. Seeing as how I love eyeliner, especially in the pen form, I had to try these new shades out. 

First off, I have to mention, these eyeliner pens have a NEW CAP! The new cap clicks shut and doesn't fall off all the time like on the older eyeliner pens. I'm hoping this means they will not dry out as quickly as the other liners, which I'm sure they won't since they actually completely seal shut now. I do not know if all the eyeliner shades have the new cap or if they have just designed the new cap for the new shades as of right now, but I'm sure all the shades will be getting the new caps eventually. Let me know if you have recently bought an older shade with the new snap-shut caps. :)

Left to Right: ELF Eyeliner Pen Purple, ELF Eyeliner in Teal

Purple is a nice deep purple shade. Unlike ELF's other purple liner called Plum, you can actually tell this is purple. The plum shade looked almost black on my eyes, whereas the purple shade actually looks purple. If you want something different than the usual black or brown eyeliner, this purple liner can add a twist to your usual makeup routine. Also, if you have green eyes, this purple shade will really make them pop. 

I was excited to get the new eyeliner pen in Teal. However, I was really disappointed when I swatched it. Rather than being a greenish Teal shade, it's straight-up blue. I don't like dark blue eyeliner pens because as they fade, it makes my eyes look bruised. This one is no exception. It is a nice color if you like blues, though. I just wish it really were teal like it says :(

Also, I noticed when I tried to remove this shade, it smeared all over my eyes leaving a blue, bruised look all over. The purple shade, nor any of the other shades of elf eyeliner pens I have (including the other blue shade, called midnight), smear on removal like the Teal does. I had to use several makeup remover wipes to get all of this off. Do not get this one unless you really want a blue liner and don't care to work extra hard at removing it. But, I say, if you really want an ELF Blue Liner pen, get the other blue shade, Midnight. Midnight is a lot darker, almost black sort of blue, though, but you can still tell it's blue. 

Overall, I do like the ELF eyeliner pens. They are waterproof, which means they stay-put pretty much all day after dried, they are richly pigmented, easy to use and overall worth way more than $1 sticker price, in my opinion. 

What do you think of the new shades? Have you ever tried ELF eyeliner pens or any other brand's eyeliner pens? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

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Emily "Posh" Jurow said...

I'm glad you swatched these!
I use drugstore felt pens, so when I saw these for $1, I bought 3.
I bought Coffee, Plum and Black.
My plum one dried out after the cap popped slightly off and now it's a really sheer color, I can hardly use it!
I seemed to misplace my black one at the moment, but I really like Coffee.
I want to try the purple one, but I forgot to put it in my last ELF order! :(

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