Monday, May 23, 2011

ELF $1 Lipstick Nostalgia, Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shade for Summer 2011))

 ELF $1 Lipstick Nostalgia Swatches, Pictures, & Review. New Shade for Summer 2011

ELF Nostalgia Lipstick

I recently purchased a brand new shade in the ELF $1 lipstick line called Nostalgia. As you may know, if you read my last post or have been onto the ELF site recently, they just added even more new shades to this line of lipsticks. Yes, I will be reviewing those as well as soon as I receive them :D

*Note that I do have all the older shades of the ELF $1 Line Lipsticks Swatched. Click Here to check those out.

This particular shade seems to be less pigmented than all the older shades that were originally released with the $1 line lipsticks. I don't think I'd consider it to be sheer, but it's just not completely opaque. Nostalgia lipstick has a glossy finish and appears to almost have a shimmer to it when swatched. 

ELF Nostalgia Lipstick

Compared to the other nudeish shade in the $1 line, Fantasy, Nostalgia is much lighter and glossier. Just to give you an idea, I think Nostalgia would be closer to the Shade of Natural Nymph from the Elf Mineral line. But seeing as how Nostalgia is less opaque, it isn't going to give you a concealer lip type of look. The glossy texture will make it look more natural on your lips. I feel that texture of Nostalgia is kind of similar to that of a lipbalm, rather than like a lipstick. 

ELF Nostalgia Lipstick
 Overall, I do like this new shade of lipstick. I wasn't expecting it to be more of a lip balm texture, however, this will make it much more wearable for several different skin tones. This particular shade will give you a lighter feel on your lips, which many people like for the summer months. I say try it out and see what you think. At only $1, it's definitely a bargain. 

What do you think of this shade? Would you wear it? Have you tried any ELF products or lipsticks? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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