Saturday, May 28, 2011

Because Diamond Shoes are a girl's best friend - Crazy Awesome, Edgy Disco Ball Shoes

Supposedly Diamonds and sparkly things are girls best friends, right? And shoe shopping is know to make almost all women go from sad to extremely happy. Well, what if you combined the two? I present to you, some shoes that are both edgy and classic, glamorous and crazy, expensively tasteful and tacky... all the same time. 

Have you ever wondered what a disco ball would look on your feet? Well, you're about to find out. I found some really amazing shoes that look so out-of-the-box and edgy, yet very exquisite at the same time. From top designers to handmade items from at home etsy sellers, these shoes will definitely catch an eye or two. 

Aren't these amazing? I'd love to have shoes like these, even though I am 100% sure there is no where to wear these shoes in lamesville Arkansas. The spikes, the sequins, the shattered mirror pieces all combined into one shoes to make something way more than just a conversation piece.  I found these on a blog awhile ago, I don't remember which, but they said these spunky, silver shoes were handmade by someone on Etsy. If you know of the seller, let me know and I'll link them here. It's great to find such an eye-catching, risque shoe that looks both rocker edgy and glam chic at the same time. These remind me of Marilyn Monroe, meets KISS, meets Elizabeth Taylor.

These are a little less extravegant look-wise, but still fun and edgy. They are a rather crazily priced brand / designer called Gianmarco Lorenzi, but I'm sure there are some knockoffs to be found. I think these add an element of both cuteness and edginess, meets casual yet elegant, which overall equals a fun shoe, don' you think? And they are sandals, which makes them perfect for summer evenings. These make me think of High School Prom meets high fashion.

 These sparklicious shoes will give off quite a reflection in bright lights. These will definitely spice-up any bland outfit and take it from drab to fab. It's like a disco, birthday, dance party in shoe form. How fun is that? These can be found on the website topshop. I think the right girl could pull these off at almost any event, from a wedding to a fun night out, or even just with jeans. To me, these are Dorthy and the wizard of Oz meets modern times.

These mirror-paneled, discoesque shoes aren't quite as busy as all the previous shoes, but I think they are still really funky and glam. Again, I'm not sure which place would be best for shoes like these. Maybe a dance club or fun party? Either way, I think these shoes look amazingly unique and yes, fun. Can't you just see yourself dancing the night away in these disco ball shoes? haha, I don't know if I can really see myself doing that, but with these awesome shoes, who knows. These are buy Giuseppe Zanotti. They remind me a bit of Spice Girls meet Rebel Rocker.

These pictures aren't mine and Images belong to, from top to bottom, unknown etsy seller, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Topshop and Giuseppe Zanotti and their righful owners.


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