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May Favorites - Favorite Beauty Products May 2011 (Too Faced, Eco Tools, NYX, Hard Candy)

It's time for my monthly favorites. Below is a list of products that I've been using a lot and really enjoying. From eyeshadows to concealers and brushes, here are a few of my favorite beauty products for the month of May.

 NYX Single Eyeshadow in Earthy Shimmer. This is really pretty to blend other shadows or to use as a highlight. On the website, this appears more of a sivler shade, but in reality, it's sort of a white highlight color with an amazing duochrome of yellow, red, and green. It shows up on my skin as a sort of shimmery golden color and then it changes in the light from a red sheen to a green sheen. I highly recommend checking this shade out, because it's so gorgeous in person. These retail anywhere from $3-$6.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer. I've been using this as an undereye concealer for the last few weeks. It does a pretty decent job at covering dark circles and acne as well. I do top this off with a powder to make sure it stays put and doesn't look too shiney, because I have oily skin. Many people say this concealer is comparable to the Kat Von D tattoo concealer. This concealer retails for $6 at Walmart.

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Onyx. I really love this liner because it's a deep black, but also has a bit of shimmer/glitter in it. It's really nice to give eyes an extra pop. The liner stays put all day, doesn't flake off, smudge or crack like some liquid liners do. The product is rather small, but they are only around $4 each, so that's still a very good deal. I reccommend trying these out if you like shimmery eyeliners.

Eco Tools Travel Set For Eyes. I've been using this set for the last couple months and I really enjoy it. You get five, small eye brushes in a little pouch that also includes a mirror. The brushes and pouch are very light weight and made of natural items. The brushes are cruelty free, recycable and have bamboo handles. The brushes are really soft and good quality as well. You get one large shader brush, a blender, a smudger, an angled shadow brush, and one small flat brush that can be used for precision placement or concealing small areas as well. This entire set is only $7 at walmart, price may vary depeding on which store you visit.

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit. I love to use this kit when I am in a hurry and want something natural. You can, however, use this kit for more dramatic eyes as well. You get a variety of brown-toned shades. From shimmery bronzes, matte taupes, and deep browns, this kit has everything you need for a natural eye.  

*Click Here to see my swatches/review on the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. 
*And Click Here to see the Rue21 Natural Eye Palette which is a less expensive and similar/dupe palette to the Too Faced version. It costs only $7!

So there you have some of my favorites for the month of May. I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps found some items you'd like to try out as well.

Thanks for reading!
xo - Glamatronic

Nyx earthy shimmer picture is from Toofaced and eco tools are promo images from the companies and are not my images. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Because Diamond Shoes are a girl's best friend - Crazy Awesome, Edgy Disco Ball Shoes

Supposedly Diamonds and sparkly things are girls best friends, right? And shoe shopping is know to make almost all women go from sad to extremely happy. Well, what if you combined the two? I present to you, some shoes that are both edgy and classic, glamorous and crazy, expensively tasteful and tacky... all the same time. 

Have you ever wondered what a disco ball would look on your feet? Well, you're about to find out. I found some really amazing shoes that look so out-of-the-box and edgy, yet very exquisite at the same time. From top designers to handmade items from at home etsy sellers, these shoes will definitely catch an eye or two. 

Aren't these amazing? I'd love to have shoes like these, even though I am 100% sure there is no where to wear these shoes in lamesville Arkansas. The spikes, the sequins, the shattered mirror pieces all combined into one shoes to make something way more than just a conversation piece.  I found these on a blog awhile ago, I don't remember which, but they said these spunky, silver shoes were handmade by someone on Etsy. If you know of the seller, let me know and I'll link them here. It's great to find such an eye-catching, risque shoe that looks both rocker edgy and glam chic at the same time. These remind me of Marilyn Monroe, meets KISS, meets Elizabeth Taylor.

These are a little less extravegant look-wise, but still fun and edgy. They are a rather crazily priced brand / designer called Gianmarco Lorenzi, but I'm sure there are some knockoffs to be found. I think these add an element of both cuteness and edginess, meets casual yet elegant, which overall equals a fun shoe, don' you think? And they are sandals, which makes them perfect for summer evenings. These make me think of High School Prom meets high fashion.

 These sparklicious shoes will give off quite a reflection in bright lights. These will definitely spice-up any bland outfit and take it from drab to fab. It's like a disco, birthday, dance party in shoe form. How fun is that? These can be found on the website topshop. I think the right girl could pull these off at almost any event, from a wedding to a fun night out, or even just with jeans. To me, these are Dorthy and the wizard of Oz meets modern times.

These mirror-paneled, discoesque shoes aren't quite as busy as all the previous shoes, but I think they are still really funky and glam. Again, I'm not sure which place would be best for shoes like these. Maybe a dance club or fun party? Either way, I think these shoes look amazingly unique and yes, fun. Can't you just see yourself dancing the night away in these disco ball shoes? haha, I don't know if I can really see myself doing that, but with these awesome shoes, who knows. These are buy Giuseppe Zanotti. They remind me a bit of Spice Girls meet Rebel Rocker.

These pictures aren't mine and Images belong to, from top to bottom, unknown etsy seller, Gianmarco Lorenzi, Topshop and Giuseppe Zanotti and their righful owners.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New ELF Studio Blush Giddy Gold, Swatches, Pictures, Review (New shades for Summer 2011)

 ELF Giddy Gold Studio Blush Swatch, Pictures, Review

Here is yet another new shade added to the ELF website for Summer 2011 called Giddy Gold. This shade is found in the Studio Blush Line and there is also one more new shade called Twinkle Pink.

First off, the pictures of this product on the ELF website are very off. Giddy Gold Blush appears to be a pretty peach-to-orange ombre blush from the provided product pictures. However, it isn't a blush at all, but a purely golden highlight shade. It is nice to get a golden summer glow, but if you were hoping for a pretty peachy orange blush, this is not the product to get. 

As far as texture and pigmentation, the pigmentation is okay, it's more on the sheer side, but I'm fairly certain ELF intended on this shade being a highlighter color since it is super shimmer and has an iridescent gold shimmer to it. It really is pretty if you want a golden highlighter. The texture is okay, it's not really smooth, but it's not rough either. 

Swatched Above: Giddy Gold
Overall, I'm kind of half-and-half on this product. I'm disappointed that the product image was wayyy off from the actual blush color in the picture and that it isn't a blush at all, but a highlighter. But, if I grade it by highlighter standpoints, it is very pretty and a nice shade to use for summer. I think ELF should separate the highlighters from the blushes, though. They only have one other highlight shade in with the blushes, but the image shows that shade almost exactly as is. And being that it is white, you know that it's not a blush, but a shimmery highlight.  

What do you think of this shade? Would you use this as a blush or as a highlighter? Have you tried any other ELF Studio Blushes? Leave a comment below telling us your thoughts and opinions. 

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ELF Eyeliner Pens Purple, Teal Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

New ELF Eyeliner Pens Purple, Teal Swatches, Picture, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

Top: ELF Eyeliner Pen Purple  Bottom: ELF Liner Teal

The ELF website has added some new shades for their popular $1 eyeliner pens, Purple and Teal. Seeing as how I love eyeliner, especially in the pen form, I had to try these new shades out. 

First off, I have to mention, these eyeliner pens have a NEW CAP! The new cap clicks shut and doesn't fall off all the time like on the older eyeliner pens. I'm hoping this means they will not dry out as quickly as the other liners, which I'm sure they won't since they actually completely seal shut now. I do not know if all the eyeliner shades have the new cap or if they have just designed the new cap for the new shades as of right now, but I'm sure all the shades will be getting the new caps eventually. Let me know if you have recently bought an older shade with the new snap-shut caps. :)

Left to Right: ELF Eyeliner Pen Purple, ELF Eyeliner in Teal

Purple is a nice deep purple shade. Unlike ELF's other purple liner called Plum, you can actually tell this is purple. The plum shade looked almost black on my eyes, whereas the purple shade actually looks purple. If you want something different than the usual black or brown eyeliner, this purple liner can add a twist to your usual makeup routine. Also, if you have green eyes, this purple shade will really make them pop. 

I was excited to get the new eyeliner pen in Teal. However, I was really disappointed when I swatched it. Rather than being a greenish Teal shade, it's straight-up blue. I don't like dark blue eyeliner pens because as they fade, it makes my eyes look bruised. This one is no exception. It is a nice color if you like blues, though. I just wish it really were teal like it says :(

Also, I noticed when I tried to remove this shade, it smeared all over my eyes leaving a blue, bruised look all over. The purple shade, nor any of the other shades of elf eyeliner pens I have (including the other blue shade, called midnight), smear on removal like the Teal does. I had to use several makeup remover wipes to get all of this off. Do not get this one unless you really want a blue liner and don't care to work extra hard at removing it. But, I say, if you really want an ELF Blue Liner pen, get the other blue shade, Midnight. Midnight is a lot darker, almost black sort of blue, though, but you can still tell it's blue. 

Overall, I do like the ELF eyeliner pens. They are waterproof, which means they stay-put pretty much all day after dried, they are richly pigmented, easy to use and overall worth way more than $1 sticker price, in my opinion. 

What do you think of the new shades? Have you ever tried ELF eyeliner pens or any other brand's eyeliner pens? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. 

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ELF Mineral Lipstick Rich Raspberry, Beautiful Berry Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

 ELF Mineral Lipstick Rich Raspberry, Beautiful Berry Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shades for Summer 2011)

ELF recently added several new shades and products to their website for Summer 2011. Here are the two new additions to the ELF Mineral Lipstick line called Rich Raspberry and Beautiful Berry.  

*I also have all the other ELF Mineral lipsticks swatched in a previous post - CLICK HERE for all the other mineral lipsticks.

ELF Mineral Lipstick Rich Raspberry

Rich Raspberry is a deep pink shade with a berry undertone. This shade actually almost matches the color of the inside of my lips, which are much darker than my actual lips. I have really pigmented lips, so this is actually exactly like my lip color but about 3 shades darker (maybe that makes a little bit of sense). I think this is a nice shade for someone who is looking for a deeper pink that isn't too bright or loud. This is also a great red substitute shade for those who feel reds are too dramatic for them because this is very similar to a red, but much more subtle (the deep pink berry shades are the closest you can get to red without being red). 

Beautiful Berry

Beautiful Berry is a berry toned wine sort of shade. It's really pretty and deep without being overly dramatic or too deep and red. I see this as being a really pretty shade for fall or even for late nights during the summer. ELF Beautiful Berry would be nice for a fancy night out with your hair curled, pearl earrings, and beautiful berry lips. Also, note that these lips swatches are with one thin layer. You can add a thicker layer or additional layers to build the color up to match what you see in the tube. I just like the shades more dabbed on.

Left To Right: Beautiful Berry, Rich Raspberry Elf Mineral Lipstick

As far as formula, these have a nice smooth texture and I think they are a bit more moisturizing than the other shades because my lips seemed to not dry out as much as they did with previous shades from the mineral line of lipsticks (it may just be me, I don't know..because they didn't mention changing the formula). I dabbed on some of the Rich Raspberry shade and it actually appeared to be more of matte to satin finish when applied in this manner. 

Overall, I like the new additions to the ELF Mineral Lipstick Line, Rich Raspberry and Beautiful Berry. I like Rich Raspberry the most, but Beautiful Berry is nice as well if you are looking for a deeper shade. 

What do you think of the ELF mineral lipstick shades? Have you ever tried any of the mineral lipsticks? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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ELF $1 Lipstick Nostalgia, Swatches, Pictures, Review (New Shade for Summer 2011))

 ELF $1 Lipstick Nostalgia Swatches, Pictures, & Review. New Shade for Summer 2011

ELF Nostalgia Lipstick

I recently purchased a brand new shade in the ELF $1 lipstick line called Nostalgia. As you may know, if you read my last post or have been onto the ELF site recently, they just added even more new shades to this line of lipsticks. Yes, I will be reviewing those as well as soon as I receive them :D

*Note that I do have all the older shades of the ELF $1 Line Lipsticks Swatched. Click Here to check those out.

This particular shade seems to be less pigmented than all the older shades that were originally released with the $1 line lipsticks. I don't think I'd consider it to be sheer, but it's just not completely opaque. Nostalgia lipstick has a glossy finish and appears to almost have a shimmer to it when swatched. 

ELF Nostalgia Lipstick

Compared to the other nudeish shade in the $1 line, Fantasy, Nostalgia is much lighter and glossier. Just to give you an idea, I think Nostalgia would be closer to the Shade of Natural Nymph from the Elf Mineral line. But seeing as how Nostalgia is less opaque, it isn't going to give you a concealer lip type of look. The glossy texture will make it look more natural on your lips. I feel that texture of Nostalgia is kind of similar to that of a lipbalm, rather than like a lipstick. 

ELF Nostalgia Lipstick
 Overall, I do like this new shade of lipstick. I wasn't expecting it to be more of a lip balm texture, however, this will make it much more wearable for several different skin tones. This particular shade will give you a lighter feel on your lips, which many people like for the summer months. I say try it out and see what you think. At only $1, it's definitely a bargain. 

What do you think of this shade? Would you wear it? Have you tried any ELF products or lipsticks? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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Friday, May 20, 2011

New ELF Products Summer 2011 Information - Pictures and Swatches Coming Soon

 New ELF Products Summer 2011 - ELF Radiance Enhancers, ELF Custom Blend Mineral Foundation, New Mineral Lipstick Shades, New $1 Lipstick Shades, New $1 Eyeliner Pen Shades... and More!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that I purchased several new elf products including new shades that were just released. My package got lost and was delayed, which was not elf's fault at all, but the fault of fed ex, because Elf shipped my order out either the next day or day after I placed my order. Anyway, my products are finally here and I wanted to let you guys know that I will be working on a review and pictures tonight, and the posts will be up either late tonight or sometime tomorrow evening.
Anyway, I wanted to inform you on which products I purchased as well as let you know about all the new ELF products that are available. :D
  • - Two new mineral lipsticks shades have recently been added to the ELF website, Rich Raspberry and Beautiful Berry
  • -Two new shades of ELF Eyeliner Pens are available in Teal and Purple. There was previously a purple-toned shaded called plum, the new one is called purple. 
  • -One new shade of the $1 line lipsticks called Nostalgic, which is a nude (Note: I just discovered ELF added an additional 5 shades, which I just purchased, so be on the lookout for those in a week or two as well!)
  • -And one new shade of the hypershine gloss called Bare, which is also a nude shade. 
  • -There are two new shades of studio blush, but I just picked up one of these called Giddy, which appears to be an ombre of orange/peach shades on the website, but is actually a Golden Highlight color.
  • -ELF also added new Tinted Mineral Lip Balms yesterday, so I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase all of these or just get a couple to try out. I'm more of a lipstick person, but I really want to review them for my readers. Whichever I decide, they will added with the 5 new $1 lipstick/shades review when they arrive in a couple weeks :)

Those are all the new shades I purchased. I wish all these products were available when I purchased my first order, I didn't know they were going to add so many more new things later, but either way, they'll be here for you to see eventually. 

There's also a new studio line item and it's called Radiance Enhancer, which I've been waiting on, but it's still not added to the site, so I went ahead and placed my order.(It will probably be added tomorrow, of course haha).
  • -The Enhancers come in three shades, Spotlight, Sunrise and Golden and I think they will be great brush-on highlighters.

Finally, one more new item is from the mineral line and it's a custom blend mineral foundation. The idea is that you mix the four colors in the compact together to create your perfect shade. I'm not sure if I will try this because I'm so pale and know I would use only the lightest shade. There's no need for me to custom blend anything because the lightest shade is usually even too dark anyway. Sorry, but I won't be reviewing this. I do have the normal Elf Mineral foundation, and it's okay, not bad, not great. So if you have more of a medium to medium dark complexion, the custom blend foundation may something that would be useful to you, since medium skin tones are usually a mixture of different shades.  

So there you have it, the abundance of new shades and products ELF has just added to their website. The swatches, pictures and review of the new Elf products will be available for you to see on Make Me Over - Glamatronic very soon. 

Promo Images belong to ELF Cosmetics, of course.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI The Miss Universe Collection (Pictures, Release Date, Information)

OPI The Miss Universe Collection - 
Release Date September 2011

OPI is collaborating with Miss Universe to bring us The Miss Universe Collection. The set includes four new colors from blue to silver. Rima Fakih, the current Miss USA, and Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe, are set to reveal the new OPI polishes at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The collection will be available to the public in September 2011.

The OPI Miss Universe Shades are:

  • Swimsuit...Nailed It! - Shimmering Electric Blue
  • Crown Me Already! - Sheer Sparkling Silver
  • It's MY Year! - Creamy Magenta Berry
  • Congeniality Is My Middle Name - Opalescent Silver Mauve

What do you think of the new Miss Universe Collection from OPI? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Fake Paper Eyelashes, inspired by Chinese Paper Cutting

Paper Lashes

Will everyone in the future be wearing fake lashes made from paper?


 I seen this article on Beautylish about fake eyelashes made of paper. I thought it was really interesting and wanted to share the article with everyone. 


"For a sneak peek into the future of beauty products, Beautylish checks out the latest false lashes (made from paper!) that were showcased at Cosmoprof Bologna this year. With intricate designs (see above) that mimic the Chinese art of paper-cutting, these futuristic falsies are set to be a major beauty trend of tomorrow, according to Cosmorpof's Daniela Ciocan: “A company from the U.K. called Paperself caused a huge stir with its paper lashes, which are elaborately cut into fanciful designs such as seahorses and flowers.  So many people have asked me about this company and I am sure we will be seeing more of its beautiful lashes in the States,” says Daniela."




So what do you think about these paper eyelashes? Would you wear them? I liked to be able to see them in person and find out more information on them, myself. They do look really cute. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of these.

Images and article source

Monday, May 16, 2011

Clean & Clear Mattifying Moisturizer Review, Pictures - Shine Control Moisturizer for Oily Combo Skin

Clean & Clear recently released a new moisturizer to their skin care line called Clean & Clear Finishes Mattifying Moisturizer. Seeing as how I have oily skin, I rarely find moisturizers that control oiliness. Most people think if you have oily skin, you don't need a moisturizer, but by applying extra moisture to your face, it tells it to stop producing as much oil. 

The Clean & Clear Mattifying moisturizer not only mattifies, but is oil-free and has spf 15 uva/uvb sunscreen. It's always nice to find a moisturizer with sunscreen it and it's really important to find one that is oil free, especially if you have oily or acne prone skin. 

This is one of the first moisturizers I've found that doesn't break my skin out. I've tried several oil free, for oily skin type of moisturizers before, but for some reason, they also made me more shiny and would break me out. 

This product not only doesn't break my face out, but helps control oil. The product boasts that it has all day shine control with super absorbing mineral complex. I haven't really noticed how long it controls the oil because usually after I put my makeup on, my face doesn't get oily again until the end of the day, unless it's really, really hot outside. But I do notice the immediate results of the product. When I first wake up in the morning, my face is so oily it looks I've been sweating. It's really gross. But after I put this on, my face looks very matte and the nasty oil is gone from my face. It also helps makeup apply a bit more easily than if you didn't use a moisturizer before application.

As far as the spf, don't solely rely on this as your only form of sun protection. While having spf15 in the product is a bonus, it still isn't enough to keep your face protected from the sun all day long. However, if you have spf in your moisturizer, foundation and your finishing powder, you can see how this all adds extra protection to your skin in addition to using your normal sunscreen.

This product is priced at around $5 - $9 depending where you purchase it and you receive 1.7oz (48g) in each tube. You can find it most major retailers (walmart, target , etc) and drugstores (cvs, walgreens, rite aide, etc). 

Overall, I recommend trying this moisturizer if you have oily to combo skin or perhaps if you have normal skin that tends to get a little shiny during the summer months. 

Who will love this product?
-People with oily, combo, or shiny skin
-Those who prefer a matte finish
-Those who find it difficult to find moisturizers that don't break them out
-Someone who likes an added spf to their moisturizer 

Who won't like this?
-People with already dry skin may not like this because of the mattifying effect.
-Those who do not prefer matte skin
-Someone looking for intense moisturizing abilities from their moisturizer.

Clean & Clear mattifying moisturizer is a moisturizer with shine control for oily and combination skin. This moisturizer controls shine all day long, the moisturizer is oil free and the moisturizer is made with mineral complex. Moisturizers for oily skin, Moisturizers for combo skin, shine controlling moisturizers, drugstore moisturizers for summer, mattifying moisturizers

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April 2011 Favorites, Beauty Products I'm Currently Loving

 I know this is a bit late and I almost labeled it May favorites instead of April, but I'm really going to try to get a May favorites up by the end of the month. So, here are the current products I'm loving, my go-to products, things I've just overall enjoyed.
1. Elf Powder Brush - I've always loved this brush, but this month, I realized just how much. I have three of these brushes and have found it is good for applying so many different products. I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation and to buff in mineral foundation. I also use it to apply my finishing powder now since it's getting rather warm in my area, my skin has become really oily, so this brush allows me to buff the powder in well. As strange as this sounds, I've also been using this to apply blush. I know the shape doesn't seem as if it would work, but it's been working well for me.
 2. Physicians Formula Gel Eye Liner - This is my favorite Gel liner because it's one of the only ones I have found that doesn't melt off of my eyes. It comes in several colors, goes on really smooth, and doesn't make my eyes water like several other brands do. These come in packs of three, sorted by shades to compliment your certain eye color. I didn't really pay attention to which eye color the shades were for, I just bought the shades I liked the most. I think I have the set for green eyes and hazel eyes, my eyes more of a blue/aqua/green depending on what I wear. Each of these sets have a black shade, one is black with green shimmer and the other with purple/magenta shimmer. These are my go-to liners if I know I will my makeup will be on for hours because they last longer than any other.
3. Netrogena Makeup Removing Wipes Night Calming - I really like these wipes because one single wipe can take off all my makeup, even the eye makeup. If I have a really bold smokey eye, I can usually still get by with one wipe, rarely do I have to use two. They also make your skin feel really soft, but not oily at all. I have oily skin, so usually most products that claim to soften skin will make it more oily, but these don't. I do recommend having some sort of container to put these in because after you use about half of them, the sticker loses its sticking ability and may cause them to dry out more easily than before. I like these better than the Garnier Wipes I mentioned last month because they are bigger, take off more makeup, and my face feels less oily.   
4. Victoria's Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadows - These are high pigment loose shimmer shadows, similar to a mineral eyeshadow. The shade I have is a bronzey shade with gold shimmer. It doesn't have the name on it, but it looks similar to a shade called stardust that VS has now. I switch from this to the elf mineral shadows a lot during the summer. It gives your eyes a light, sparkly, summer look. I really like these types of shadows. They stay on for a long time, they are really easy to use, you can use them wet for a more foiled, dramatic look, or pat them on dry for a soft glowy look.

5. NYC Sunny Bronzer - I really love this bronzer. It's both matte and natural looking on my fair skin. Most bronzers are way too shimmery or have an orange or dirty tone to them that look weird on my light skin. This one looks natural and pretty and gives skin a summer, tan glow that looks subtle or can be built up to look like a more dark tan. I sometimes use this contour, but usually I will use this in place of a blush during the summer and then lightly brush some down my nose and across my forehead as well.

So there you have it. The products I have been loving recently. I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to let us know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them. 

What are you favorite products that you've been loving lately? Let us know in the comments below!

thanks to source for the nyc sunny bronzer picture.

NYX 12th Anniversary Sale! Sunday, May 14th Only!

Hey everyone! If you haven't heard about the NYX sale yet, this is something you need to know! I've been meaning to make a post about it for a few days, but hopefully you will read this in time for the sale tomorrow. 

Click Flyer to Enlarge & See Details

NYX is going to have products for only $1.20! They haven't said which products they will be, but they said it is going to be some of their bestsellers, so I'm thinking (hopefully) single eyeshadows, mega shine lipglosses, and round lipsticks? Those seem to be the most talked about products, anyway. 

And in addition to this mega, crazy $1.20 sale, there is also.... wait for it.... FREE shipping if you spend $50! Amazing, right? I hope they have some great stuff for sale and I really, really hope the site doesn't crash on us haha :D

So get there A.S.A.P if you want to grab the best deals before they sell out. This sale will be hugely popular. It starts at 12pm pacific, tomorrow - Sunday, May 14 until 12am Pacific Time. So it will be starting at 3pm/2pm eastern/central time.

I'm super excited and hope you guys take advantage of the deal. If you happen to have not purchased any NYX items before, this is definitely your chance to grab some products to try. I highly recommend their products. 

Products I recommend:  Single Eyeshadows, Pencil Lip Liners, Round Lipsticks, Mega Shine Glosses, Round Glosses, Powder Blush, Creme Blush, Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils (use as base), Mega Pearl Loose Shadows

P.S I have several reviews of NYX Products with swatches on this blog (jumbo pencils, round lipsticks, mega pearl loose shadows, etc) simply type NYX into the search bar above and it will pull those up. Also, I have a video on youtube comparing some of the nyx single shadows to mac shadows. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glamour Magazine 31 Days of Beauty Freebies, Daily Beauty Giveaway Contest

Hey everyone! I recently heard about some amazing beauty giveaways and wanted to share the love so you could enter for a chance to win some great products. 

Glamour’s 31 days of beauty freebies has begun.  Glamour Magazine is giving away new beauty products every day for an entire month.  From May 10, 2011 through June 9 you can enter to win a new must-have beauty product daily at

The daily giveaways are listed at the top under the heading Beauty Giveaway of the Day with a picture of the product beside it. Simply click the button in pink that says enter for your chance to win, to enter for the daily product (Note: the black heading below this, contests & sweepstakes, and everything listed under it, are the usual contests Glamour has each month - these aren't the daily beauty giveaways). 
The 31 days of beauty giveaway includes several beauty brands we love like; Tarte, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Caudalie, Chantecaille, Frederic Fekkai, Bliss, Olay, L’Occitane, La Prairie, Mally Beauty, Avon, Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology and many more brands. 

In addition to beauty products, Glamour is also having contest giveaways for Beach Vacations, Diamonds, Dresses, and even a college scholarship worth 20k! (these are the contests listed after the daily beauty giveaways and are under the contest sweepstakes heading I mentioned earlier).

Good luck to everyone who enters! Thanks for reading : )  

Essie Braziliant, Essie Fair Game, Essie Wedding: 3 New Essie Nail Polish Collections for Spring/Summer 2011

Essie Braziliant, Fair Game and Wedding Nail Polish Collections for Spring Summer 2011

Essie is releasing three new collections for Spring/Summer 2011. The first collection, which should already be in most stores, is Braziliant. Essie's slogan for this collection is "if you want to pick up some color for the beach, go Braziliant. This collection includes fuchsias, oranges, corals and more. 
Click on any of these images to enlarge

  • Super Bossa Nova, an upbeat bright fuchsia
  • Meet at the Sunset, a vibrant deep orange
  • Too Too Hot, a sizzling rich red coral
  • Smooth Sailing, a breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl
  • Braziliant, a hot orange with a touch of shimmer
  • Absolutely Shore, a soft sea foam green

Essie Fair Game includes a nice platinum infused with blue pearl, a poppy pink, green and peach.  Pictured below is the Essie Fair Game Collection

  • Fair Game, blue metallic Tahitian pearl sheen of platinum
  • Your Hut or Mine, sparkling golden poppy pink
  • Lion Around, peach
  • Da Bush, khaki green
Finally, Essie has the Wedding Collection, which contains three elegantly soft, neutral shades and a classic red. Pictured Below is the Essie Wedding Collection

  • Essie Borrowed & Blue, precious yet chic – this light blue shade is for keeps.
  • Essie Better Together, a ceremonious sweetheart pink to love and cherish.
  • Essie Made To Honor, this flattering pink will be in your heart ‘til death do you part.
  • Essie First Dance, dance your way into every guest’s heart with this rich, captivating red.
I find it really appealing how Essie pours their nail polishes over items as if it were paint or some sort yummy syrup (depending on the image) in their promo pictures.  I must say that from the wedding collection promo image, Borrowed & Blue looks extremely similar to the new limited edition shade, Blue Away, from Sally Hansen. 

So there you have it, the spring and summer 11 lineup for Essie Nail Polish Collections .

Have you picked up any of the new polishes from these collections or plan on purchasing some later? If not and you could pick only ONE shade above, which would it be? Comment below and let us know!

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Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 Makeup Collection Pictures, Information

Givenchy Je Veux La Lune Fall 2011 Makeup Collection 

Here's a sneak peek at what Givenchy will be releasing this fall for the new collection Je Veux La Lune. The collection will include deep garnet lipgloss, dramatic mascara, dark navy and black shadows as well as softer pinks and yellow.

I think we may be seeing a lot of really deep lip shades for fall (like the Givenchy model above is wearing). Have you ever tried anything from Givenchy?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Model21 Eyelashes #6 Pictures, Review

Hey everyone! I've really been loving my new Model21 false eyelashes and I'm fairly certain they are my favorites, so I had to do a review for you guys.  

I heard of Model21 lashes before and have been tempted to buy some for quite awhile. There were tons of good reviews on the brand, they are very decently priced and come in several different styles (so many in fact, that it's really hard to choose!). 

I was on the hunt for a particular model number, number six, and I noticed that the majority of online retailers have only select styles of the model 21 lashes. I've never come across a site that sells all of the styles (if you have, let me know please). 

Wearing Model21 Lashes #6
 The first thing I noticed when receiving these lashes was the cute packaging and little instruction card. You get ten pairs of lashes attached to a card and they are enclosed inside a little, clear, plastic box. I'm not sure if all the lashes come this way or if it was the particular company that I ordered from, but it's neat either way. I ordered from an amazon retailer, which turns out they have their own site called in case you were wondering where I found them. 

Application Instruction Card - Click for bigger view
One of the best things about these lashes is how lightweight they are. I'm sure the weight will vary depending upon the style and how thick or thin they are, but the number 6 are semi-dramatic, but still really light. These are the type of lashes that some people may think are really yours, but they can tell they look better than most lashes. (I'm sure people accustomed to wearing false eyelashes will know of course, but you get the point). They are somehow dramatic and natural at the same time, which is why I love them so much. 
The lashes have a nice effect on your eye. They are much longer and thicker on the outside, which creates a cat-eye effect while also making your eyes look much bigger. I think the best way to describe to describe them would be flirty mixed with a natural glam. These would be perfect for someone looking for something in the middle, not so natural that you barely tell a difference, but not so dramatic that everyone is like whoa, she's wearing fake lashes, either.

Model21 #6 Lashes
The value of is really great. Price varies depending on the retailer and of course shipping rates, but mine were $9.99 for the ten pair (or $1 per pair) on Amazon. And like I said, they have the loving lotus website as well, where the lashes are listed for $7, but then you pay $3 shipping, so it's the same difference and shipped from the same place at the same cost, $10 each way. I believe it took four days from the day I ordered to receive these (for those concerned with shipping time). You can also find certain styles on Ebay, but most of the styles cost less through Amazon. 

Model21 Lashes #6
As far as length of wear, if you prefer reusing your lashes, it will vary on which type and how much glue you use, if you put mascara on them, basically how well you take care of them. I've worn my first pair five times now and may be able to get a sixth time out of them. However, they are starting to really lose shape and certain little lashes are starting to bend in other directions. Pretty safe to say they are at the end of their life for sure, but I try to get as much wear out of a pair as possible.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Model 21 Eyelashes in number 6. I will be trying more styles eventually and I'll update everyone on whether or not I like them as well as this style.

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