Thursday, April 7, 2011

The First Unretouched Makeup Ad - Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

People have voiced negative thoughts about the photoshop state of advertorial ads, especially makeup. How's a girl to know what the mascara looks like if the model is wearing three pairs of false lashes in addition to being photoshoped? How do we the coverage of a foundation if the ad shows a girl with a completely retouched face? And it's always upsetting to get a product that not only doesn't look anything like the ad, but does nothing the product claims. 

So why don't makeup companies just show us the real thing so we will know if the product is what we are wanting?Make Up For Ever has listened to the consumer complaints. 

Here’s the new revolutionary ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2011 signed Makeup Up For Ever Professionals. It’s the First Unretouched Makeup Ad. And it promotes the Makeup For Ever High Definition Foundation. This is a public notary non retouched certified ad. 

 I first seen this very ad in a magazine last month and was instantly drawn in by how real the image looked. It looks the same as I picture I would take of myself, except it's in a higher quality of course. They have the girl looking up into her camera like she is taking the picture herself. I think this is a great campaign and something that will give MUFE an edge.

Will this change the ad face of the world? Would you rather see more of these unretouched ads? I personally think it's great and gives a real view of what the product looks like, even if it is on a model with seemingly perfect skin, it's better than twenty layers of retouched photoshop images, right?

Thanks for reading!
xo - Glamatronic


Vintage Makeup said...

I'd like to see more untouched ads!

I too saw the first image in a magazine. :)

Glamatronic said...

Cool, yeah i think it's so much better to really show what the makeup looks like.

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