Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cute Jeans to Accentuate Your Body Type

 There are so many types of jeans available now that it's sometimes hard to choose the right ones for you. I'm going to highlights some of the cutest jeans, who they will look best and where to get them from. I will go over everything from skinny jeans to maternity jeans, no matter your size or shape, I have you covered.

First, let's discuss a type of jean that most people don't include in reviews, maternity jeans. When you are expecting, you want a jean that is going to stretch and make room for growth as well as support your tummy. It's also good to search for a wide leg jean because this will help balance out the width of the tummy to the width of the lower legs and ankles. 

Next, let's move on to plus sized jeans (as well as jeans for large waists, but small hips & large hips/backsides). Now, most blogs and magazine are going to recommend the exact same type of jeans to all plus sized girls which is absolutely wrong. Just because you are bigger doesn't mean you have the same body shape as the other plus sized girl. Some have larger waists and small hips, while others have big hips and smaller waists. Most are going to say avoid skinny jeans at all costs, this isn't true for the plus sized girl with small hips and small legs, you can wear skinny jeans. Now, if you are more curvy in the hips, you will want to pick a straight leg or wide leg jean. Also, trouser jeans are good for the majority of plus sized girls because it balances the upper half well with the lower half. If you carry weight in your backside and hips and thighs, this is when you avoid the skinny jeans at all costs.

Next, the girl with a straight figure. If you are really slim and look almost straight from waist to hips, skinny jeans will look amazing on you. They will help accentuate and create curves in your body. You will also look great in tights and leggings as well.

The short girls and the tall girls. First, the short girls are going to want to make sure not to have any scrunching at the bottom of the jeans. If you can't find jeans short enough, always hem them because that scrunching at the bottom will make you look even shorter. Pair your jeans with a pointed toe shoe which will help to elongate the leg and make you look taller.  For tall girls most jeans are going to work for as long as you can get enough length. You can pair your jeans with cute flats or accentuate your height and wear heels.

Let's Recap:
  • Maternity Jeans, look for stretchy materials and wider legs. 
  • Plus size and/or girls with big waists and small hips - Skinny jeans are okay, Trouser jeans will flatter your larger upper-half. 
  • Plus size and/or girls with large backsides & hips - Wide leg jeans and Trouser Jeans, avoid skinny jeans.
  • Straight figures, same from waist to hip - Skinny jean will help bring out more curves.
  • Short Girls - Make sure to get jeans that are short enough with no scrunching at the bottom and pair with a pointed toe shoe.
  • Tall Girls - You can look good in anything (note: if fit into another category here as well, take that into consideration). Use a flat to hide your height or heels to be proud and accentuate it.  

You can also check out the Right Fit and Curve Id type of jeans, which are suppose to cater to all body shapes based on ratios from waist, hips, etc. I believe this was first started by LaneBryant and FashionBug. Then Levi's revently Launched their verison called Curve Id.

Thanks for reading! :)


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