Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tips to Get Shiny Hair for Spring & Summer

How To Get Shiny Hair 
Shiny hair doesn't only look pretty, it's a sign of vitality. These days all the heat styling from straighteners, curling irons and crimpers to chemical straighteners and even pollution can all turn hair dull. Here are a few simple tips to follow to get shiny hair.

Quality Shampoo:  Look for enhancing shampoo and conditioner with ingredients like rice protein, jojoba, and olive oil. Sulfate free shampoos are also a great choice because they sulfate strip away the natural oils your hair products. Make sure to alternate shampoos with your regular formulas to prevent buildup and oiliness.
Use clarifying shampoo sparingly or don't use it at all. It can deprive hair of natural oils and moisture. Clarifying shampoo also isn't safe for color treated hair because it strips away the dye. After you shampoo, apply a conditioner evenly through the ends and rinse thoroughly. If your hair is color-treated or dry/damaged, use a hair mask weekly to replenish moisture. If your hair is extremely dry, use a mask every other day and do not wash your hair everyday.

Gloss/Shine Serum: After towel-drying, apply either a glossing cream or shine serum with high levels of silk or panthenol (provitamin B5). Glossing creams are lighter and have less silicone, so they're more appropriate for women with fine to medium hair. Use a shine serum if you have frizzy, coarse hair or unruly curls. Massage a quarter-size dollop of the product evenly through your hair.

  Drying: It's best to avoid using a hair dryer at all, but if you must use one, place a round, natural-bristle brush under a three-inch section of hair. Start at the roots, and hold the dryer so the nozzle aims downward never up. Slide the brush down without twisting it to seal the cuticle. Make sure to have the hair separated into equal sections to help avoid over-drying.

Shine Spray: While your hair is still warm from the dryer, mist it with a shine spray. This ensures you won't get too much product near the roots. If you need a touch-up during the day, spritz some shine spray on your hands and run them lightly through your hair. 

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