Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New NYX HD Mascaras for Spring 2011

New NYX High Definition Mascaras

NYX has recently release a ton of new products for their amped up High Definition line of makeup. These products are a bit prices than the normal products, but they promise to be higher quality and of course, high def.

Propel My Eyes mascara promises to propel your lashes to new heights, offering to lift lashes, intensify, condition and separate for an even distribution. The results? Super long, clump-free, gorgeous lashes. $13

NYX Fly With Me mascara promises to intensify lashes 100x. With this boldy black formula , make your lashes infinitely long for an extreme coverage and thickness. The sky is the limit. This brush has a unique shape with the end being very thick, round and full, so it will be easier to define the outer edges of your lashes. $13

NYX Grow Lash Mascara has several claims. The company says the mascara is dual purposes. Get the look of long and full lashes while conditioning your lash to grow thicker, fuller and more beautiful. Their Pro-Grow products are advanced, non-irritating natural formulations that promote the growth and healthy appearance of the eyelashes and eyebrows creating a fuller, thicker more beautiful look.

Results =
• Long and full lash mascara with “Grow Lash Serum” helps lashes grow stronger while instantly adding visible volume and length to create a thicker, fuller, more beautiful look
• Peptide, copper and arginine work at the lash root to strengthen thin, brittle lashes while biotin and panthenol condition, nourish and protect overall
• Non-irritating formula is smudge- proof and semi- waterproof, will last all day

Have you or are you going to try any of the NYX mascaras? I'm a bit sad they cost more than the usual NYX products, but hopefully they will make up for the price in quality. What do you think of NYX products in general? They are personally one of my favorite brands. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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Vintage Makeup said...

I'm interested in trying the first one, they both have unique brushes. :)

glamatronic said...

@vintage: cool, yeah brushes usually have a big effect on the mascara

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