Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hard Candy Spicy & Sweet and Skinny Dipping Swatches

Hard Candy Fox In A Box Swatches & Review
-Skinny Dipping and Spicy & Sweet-

I recently posted about the new Spring 2011 Hard Candy Cosmetics line, including the new Fox In A Box Blushes. I purchased two of these blushes, Skinny Dipping, and Spicy & Sweet. Below are pictures and swatches of these two Hard CandyFox In A Box Blushes.
Spicy & Sweet, Skinny Dipping

Spicy & Sweet is one of the blush quads featuring a light pink, medium pink, peachy pink and a bronze color. Skinny Dipping is a blush/bronzer duo with a shimmery bronze shade and an orange/peach color. You can use each color separately or swirled together.

Above are swatches from the Hardy Candy Spicy & Sweet Blush Quad. The color on the right is a mixture of all four color swirled together. Each of these shades has a bit of shimmer to it, but not an overwhelming amount. However, if you want a matte blush, this probably isn't for you. Honestly, I don't prefer shimmery blushes, but the Fox In A Box Blushes don't appear very shimmery once applied to the face. One bonus to these having a bit of shimmer as well as being a little sheer is that you can use them for a highlight. 

The Hard Candy Skinny Dipping Duo is swatched above. The shade on the right is the two colors mixed together.  If you wanted this for the bronzer, I think it will only suit fair skin tones. It doesn't even look very bronze or dark on me and I'm a bit lighter than even NC15 (I match with mufe matte velvet 20 and maybelline fit 110). So I definitely say skip this if you are a dark medium or darker if you wanted the bronzer. If you are wanting the orange/peach shade, I think it will work well for both fair and medium skin tones. These all have a bit of shimmer, so if it is too light for you, you can resort to using it as a highlight. 

My overall opinion of these blushes is that they are okay. I'm not super impressed nor am I really disappointed. They have okay pigmentation, not great, but I just prefer more pigmented blushes. I know some like their blushes more sheer and these are somewhat buildable. They have a nice texture and are packaged super cute, so that's always a plus. 

The Fox In A Box Blushes are nice to have, but not a must. If you are looking for a dupe to the Benefit boxed blushes, these are somewhat similar, but definitely not as good of a quality. However, Benefit Blushes are over $20 and Hard Candy is only $6, so they aren't really suppose to be rivals.  I have found cheap products that go above and beyond their price quality and rival higher end products, so these could have been formulated better. 

Rating for Hard Candy Fox In A Box
Product: 14/20
Value:  8/10
Packaging: 5/5
User Friendly: 5/5
Overall: 80%

Have you tried Hard Candy Fox In A Box Blush/Bronzers? What do you think of them? Do you think they rival Benefit or are they not even close?  

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