Monday, March 28, 2011

Forever21 Eyelashes Pictures, Review and a cute Panda Necklace

Forever21 Panda Necklace
Forever21 recently had a day, shortly after the Japan Disaster, where they donated 100% of your order total to Red Cross Japan. I decided this would be the perfect time to order and make a donation.  

Forever21 has been uping their game in the beauty department and have added several different styles of false lashes and makeup. I picked out a couple pairs to try and see if they are good quality and look the same as they do on the website. The pairs I chose are Modgirl and Rockstar. 

Modgirl false eyelashes are very long and each 'lash' splits out into two lashes at the band. These look really neat and not like any other lashes I have. They have a super glamorous, girly look to them. 

The Rockstar fake lashes kind of remind me of the NYX 111 lashes, but with color. They have strands of plum and navy mixed in with the black. However, these colors don't look completely strange, the colors are subdued enough to look fun, but not crazy. It's kind of similar to colored mascara, you can't tell until you get really close that they are purple and blue. I really love these and probably would have ordered more if I would have known they were this cute. 

There are several other different styles on the Forever21 website to choose, from date lashes, voluminous lashes, crisscross lashes, and more. The best thing I've found is that their falsies are really unique. Each pair costs only $2.80, and these can be reused. If you want some lashes that look different from most drugstore lashes, but still at the bargain drugstore prices, you should check these out.

I purchased a few other things, but what I really wanted to show everyone is this cute panda necklace. I've been wanting a panda necklace for awhile, but most of them were short necklaces of a tiny outlined panda. This is a panda face encrusted with faux diamond and on a 22inch chain and is only $5. Here's a look of the Forever21 panda necklace 

Isn't that just the cutest thing? It should still be available on the website and in stores because I just now received this. If not, they have a ton of other cute necklaces to choose from.   

What do you think of forever21 eyelashes, have you tried them out? Are you a fan of their jewelry? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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Forever21 Eyelash Review and Pictures & Cute Panda Necklace


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