Monday, March 28, 2011

ELF Shimmer Lip Gloss Collection Set Pictures, Review

ELF Essentials Shimmer Lip Gloss Collection

ELF says, "Shimmer and shine with this dazzling assortment of Shimmer Glosses. Mix and match colors to create your own custom blended shade or pick your favorite individual color to reflect your personal style. The satin smooth formula glides on easily to instantly hydrate lips for a beautiful long-lasting shine."

Collection includes the following shimmer gloss colors:
  • Victoria
  • Miami
  • Pink
  • Houston
  • New York City

First off, I'm sure you're all wondering, 'Are these the minty glosses from the studio collection?' No, these aren't the studio mint glosses. These are the same formula as the ELF Super Glossy Lip Shines in the squeeze tube, but they have added extra sparkle and a new scent. I actually really love the scent of these. It's a really yummy, berry fruit kind of smell.

The quality of these are okay. They aren't overly sticky, but they do have a weird texture, the same texture as the super glossy gloss from the $1 line. These are really sheer. I really had no reason to show you swatches, because they all show up clear on your hand with just a bit of sparkle. But if you layer on three or four layers, you will get a color similar to the color you see in the tube. However, if you put that many layers of gloss on it can be a bit messy.

The packaging is really cute. The box is a creamy white with flower designs on the edges and a hot pink background. The gloss has a sleek container similar to studio line products, but with dollar products inside. I can't help but wonder, though, were they trying to trick people into thinking these were the studio minty glosses? Not only is the packaging and color the same, but they even used city names similar to the studio glosses. I think the sleek packing is nice and all, but not if the reason for it was to make customers think they were getting something they weren't.

The price is, as always, an amazing deal. Five glosses for $4.99, you really can't beat that. Even if these are rather sheer, they can put over lipsticks to make them shimmer and shine, and like I said, I love the smell, so you can use them to cover the scent of an unpleasantly smelling lipstick.

Also, I found this kit at Target along with several other ELF Kits in cute spring/summer packaging. They even have some of the mineral collection available, which is my favorite line from ELF. I bought a few of the duo collections to show you guys and have those ready and swatched. They will be posted soon.

Overall, I think these glosses are good for the price. If you are looking for a sheer, shimmery gloss that smells fruity/sweet and is really inexpensive, this may be the gloss for you. If you are wanting a more opaque gloss and don't like berry/fruity smells, you will want to pass on these.

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What do you think ELF Glosses or ELF in general? Leave a comment below and let us know. 

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Vintage Makeup said...

Swatches please! :)

Glamatronic said...

okay i'll put it on my list to take some swatch pictures later. But they all show up the same,though, clear and shimmery.

Anonymous said...

great review! i think i will skip on these. im looking for a light pink opaque shiny lip gloss. im having no luck. lol.

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