Saturday, March 26, 2011

$7 Dupe for Too Faced Natural Eye Palette? Rue 21 Natural Eye Palette Swatches, Pictures, Review

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Dupe - Rue21 Natural Eye Kit Swatches, Pictures, Review and Comparison

If you are fan of the Too Faced eyeshadow kits or you've always wanted to try one, you have to see this. Rue21 has made a knockoff version of the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit. How much is this knockoff version? $6.99, for real. With the Too Faced palette ringing in at $35, the Rue21 palette seems to be the better choice considering it looks virtually the same. But, is there a big difference in quality? All of the pictures swatches have Too Faced shadows on the top and Rue21 on the bottom.

The first row in each palette looks almost identical in the pan, but when swatched, the last shade in this row is pretty different. The too faced shade, Sexspresso, is darker and more pigmented than the Rue21 shade, Boardwalk. The other two shades are pretty similar. The texture of the Too Faced shadows in this row are super smooth and the Rue21 shadows are pretty smooth as well.

In the second row, the first and last shades look different in the pans. The first shade is actually really similar, but the Too Faced shade, Silk Teddy, is much more shiney. The last shade is really different because the Too Faced version is a bit more warm and contains golden specks of glitter. The Rue21 shade for this color just has a shimmery finish and no golden specks can be seen. Texture wise, the first Rue21 shade, Rising Tides, is a bit crumbly, whereas the Too Faced shadow is not.

The first and last shades in third row look really different in the pans. The first Too Faced shade, Nude Beach, has chunky specks of glitter in it, whereas the Rue21 shade has no glitter. The Rue21 shade, Sand Dune, is another crumbly shade, so you have to dust it off to avoid fallout. The second shades are pretty similar, with Rue21 being a bit more orange. The last shades are really different. The Too Faced shade, Cocoa Puff, isn't as warm as it's Rue21 counterpart and it also has specks of glitter that the Rue21 color, Chocolate Ice Cream, does not.

Each kit comes with a brush. The Too Faced Brush is black and pink, has a foamy sponge tip on one side, and a soft, stiff angled brush on the other side. The angled brush could be quite usable for eyeliner or filling in eyebrows, but I've honestly never used it. The Rue21 palette has two applicators, but these are really not usable at all. The sponge-tip has a rough plastic-like feel, rather than a soft sponge, and the brush end doesn't have bristles, it's again, plastic and scratchy. But most people are probably going to use an eyeshadow brush to apply anyway, right?

The Rue21 palette has pretty decent pigmentation for the price. The pigmentation for the Too Faced is a bit better. The texture for the shadows in the Rue21 kit varies from shade to shade, but most of them are decent. The one main downfall I find with the Rue21 eyeshadow is that it has a very strong makeup type of smell. The Too Faced palette has no smell at all. Also, the Too Faced palette offers directional cards with diagrams on how to achieve three different looks, while the Rue21 Natural Eye Palette has just a very simple sentence imprinted on-top of the box for one look.
Now, overall would I recommend this palette? Yes, I think it's a good palette for the price and a nice alternative for those who don't want to spend $35 on the Too Faced palette. I think it could be a nice alternative to the Urban Decay Naked palette as well.

Again, it's not an exact dupe for either palette, but there are some huge similarities and an even bigger price difference. Despite the huge price difference, there isn't a huge difference in quality. The Too Faced palette is better quality, but the Rue21 palette is pretty decent, especially for the low price range that it's in. If you were hoping this would be an exact dupe, you are out of luck, but the colors are really very similar and I think most people would like them. So if you want to save a few bucks, check out the Rue21 Natural Eye Kit, for only seven dollars, I don't think you're going to be disappointed.

What do you think of these palettes? Have you tried either of them? Do you think you'll pick up the Rue21 Palette? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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G A B Y said...

Great post, thanks for the swatches! I think I'll stick to my Too Faced palette (=

Vintage Makeup said...

I've been wanting the Too Faced palette, but the Rue21 one looks so similar. :)

Thanks for the great post!

AmandaLee said...

I bought the Rue21 palette and think its fairly good especially for the price, definitly dont like the smell either. I have been wanting The Too Faced palette for so long but hate to pay $35 do you think its worth the money if I really like the natural colors for eyeshadows?

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