Saturday, February 19, 2011

Teal and Gold Eyeshadow Look with Wet n Wild

Teal and Gold Eyeshadow Look with Wet n Wild

My latest eyeshadow look was a combination of teal, blue, and gold colors. I used all Wet N Wild Eyeshadow, mainly the beautiful teal color found in the Blue Had Me At Hello Palette. I think it looks similar to a mermaid look as well. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to get this look.

1. Prime Eyes:
Use your favorite primer all over your lid area to prep the lid for color. This also helps brighten the colors and gives them a little something to hold on to, resulting in longer lasting, brighter colors. I used Urban Decay Primer Potion

2. Use a Base(optional): You can use a base for your eyeshadow if you want to intensify the colors even more or if you are working with loose pigments, it will help them stick better. This can also help intensify color out of shadows that aren't very pigmented. This is optional, of course, I actually didn't need to use a base because these shadows are super pigmented.

3. Apply Teal Halfway Over Lid: The first shade I applied was the teal color in the Wet N' Wild Blue Had Me At Hello 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette. I applied the shade first to the crease and outer corner and then went in just a little past halfway on my lid.

4. Apply Deep Blue to Outer Corner:
Next, I applied the darkest navy blue in the Blue Had Me palette to the outer corner to provide some depth to the shadow. You can also work this up into your crease if you want even more depth.

5. Apply Gold: I next took a gold color, second shade on the right in the Wet N Wild Vanity Palette. I started in the center of my lid, overlapping the teal, to form a nice golden green color, then to the empty part of the lid and inner corner. Now we have a nice gradient of dark blue, teal, golden green and then gold.

6. Blending:
If you haven't blended the colors already, you will want to do so now. Make sure there is a smooth transition in between the colors and most importantly, that there aren't any harsh lines above the colors. If you don't run a brush over the top where the colors meet the skin and blend it out, you may look really silly.

It looks a bit darker in this pic than in reality because no flash was used in this one, but this picture shows the blending part the best.

7. Highlight: Next, take a color a shade or two lighter than you skintone and apply it under the brow-bone. This will help give your eye a lift and brighten the look.

8. Eyeliner:
Apply a really thin line of black liquid liner to the top lashes. Then apply a black liner to the water-line and lower lashes. I then used the green Covergirl LiquidLine Blast pencil below the black liner. You could just use the teal or gold eyeshadow underneath as well if you don't have the covergirl pencil. I used nyc jet black for the liquid liner and Physicians Formula gel liner on the bottom lash-line.

9. Mascara: Apply two coats of a lengthening mascara to top and bottom lashes. Here I used Maybelline The Falsies Mascara.

10. Done!: You're now done with the eyes. I then followed-up with a nice peachy blush and a cheek highlight for that glowy look. Then add your choice of lipstick. :D

I hope you enjoyed this teal and gold eyeshadow tutorial. Leave a comment below letting me know if you like it and if you think you may try the look out. :)

Thanks for reading!

xo - Glamatronic


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