Monday, February 21, 2011

Revlon False Eyelashes and Brush Precision Glue

I recently received some new eyelashes from Revlon. The pairs I will be reviewing are 91217 Luxurious, 91170 Dramatic 3x Volume and 99500 Intensifying.

The most unique pair is the Intensifying lashes and they are also the most beginner friendly. I think these are perfect to start with because they come with self-adhesive strips, meaning you don't have to use glue on them. Applying the glue and placing the lashes can be a big mess for beginners, so this will give you a huge advantage during application.

These are also great if you have glue allergies or latex allergies because the lashes are latex free and of course, you don't have to apply glue to them. The lashes even come with an extra set of adhesive strips, so you can wear them again. The downside is, after two wears, you'll be out of strips and I don't know if they sell these adhesive strips separately. As for the style of the lashes, these are very lightweight and natural looking. These would be great for everyday wear just to give you a little bit extra volume. 

The dramatic 3x volume lashes really do give you quite a lot of volume, maybe even more than 3x. These would be great for parties or nights where you want to look extra glamorous. Dramatic lashes are perfect to wear with smokey because I think if you do an extra dark eye, it's hard to get the normal looking falsies to show up. The only disadvantage I can think of for these is that they may be too dramatic for some people. Personally, these are my favorites because I love to have as much volume as I can get and like my eyes to look dramatic.

The luxurious lashes are my favorite style to wear as an everyday lash. I like to have a bit a drama, but not too much, for my everyday wear. Some women may see these as great date night lashes or even party lashes, depending on how dramatic you get with your falsies. These include the cute crisscross texture you may have noticed some lashes having. I know I'm a fan of the crossed lashes because they seem to blend in well with my real lashes.

Finally, we have the new Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive. The neat thing about this glue is that it comes with a brush, rather than a squeeze-out tube. This is something else I would recommend for beginners because it makes glue application much easier. You can place the glue precisely where you need it and will be less likely to apply too much or make a mess. The one think I have noticed with this glue is that you need to apply a little extra to the and outer corners so the lashes will stick all day. This will vary from person-to-person, though.

Overall, I highly recommend the Revlon Lashes and Precision Lash Adhesive. The self-adhesive lashes are something new to me and I found them really interesting as well as time saving. The dramatic lashes are going to be great for events and smokey eyes, and the luxurious lashes are my favorites for everyday wear.

What do you think of the new Revlon lashes and Precision Lash Adhesive? Would you like to try these out? Or if you already have tried them, what did you think? Leave a comment below and let me know

Thanks For Reading!

xo - Glamatronic

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me for free to review by the company. I'm not being paid for my review in any way and all thoughts are my own honest opinion.


Jess said...

Awesome review. They do sound way easier to work with and I think a brush instead of glue will make a lot of ppl lives easier =)

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