Friday, February 18, 2011

Make Over Your Room!

I've recently found some really cute room accessories onsale at a few places. I'm planning on redoing my room this spring and haven't quite decided on what I want yet. I know I want something bright and colorful, with both a girly and modern twist. Anyway, here are few tips on making over your room, while you letting you on what I'm thinking of doing for my own room. First, I'm going to suggest the website Become because they have many different items to choose from as well as price comparison from other sites.

To start off, either pick your new bedding or pick your paint color. Sometimes it's just easier to find your new comforter first, then pick your paint colors to go along with it. I know personally, I've painted my room first and then found bedding I was totally in love with, but sadly it didn't match the paint.

I found seventeen bedding on this site & it's 50% off right now, which is awesome! And you can click the colors you are interested in on the side bar of the site to narrow down your choices. When I was twelve, I had some seventeen bedding in a cute purple leopard print and had leopard boarder on my purple walls... and matching curtains too! haha :)

Anyway, a neat thing I found about this site is that you pick and sort by color. Say you pick black, then it pulls up all the bedding with black in it. It makes it way easier to go through choices that way. Keep in mind that sites have handy tools like this now which can make it much easier on you when looking for new accessories.

After you find your bedding half the work is done, because now you have a focal point for your room and a color to base everything else on. Personally, I really like the Sascha set best, it's the second set here. Which one do you guys like? I'd love it if you give me some suggestions of which ones you think are cute. :)

Next, is something every girl wants... a makeup vanity! My next big thing I've been wanting for my room makeover is a nice dressing tables with mirror, aka a vanity. I've been wanting one for the longest time, especially since I've become makeup obsessed. I found a few cute ones here, but vanities are a little pricey. Here I found different ones from ebay and lots of other sites, which is nice so you can compare your prices.

Which brings me to a huge tip. It's really important to shop around when looking for new decorations or key pieces to your room makeover. The same vanity may be $200 less from this seller than it is from a different one. Which vanity do you like the best on the first page? I'm really liking the large black tri table one, but I may opt for a cheaper one. We'll see. Let me know if you guys know a great place for vanities or if this site seems to be in the same price range as most others.

Next, I'm thinking about putting a new, funky looking chair in my room. I was looking for something in hot pink, and I found this moon chair. As you can see it's made with kids in mind, but if you are pre-teen, teen or just a kid at heart, I think this would be something funky you could add. Plus, it folds up, so you can easily store it when you need extra space or move it into another room. I'm not sure that would really fit with my theme, and will probably keep looking, but I thought it looked neat and wanted to share it with you anyway. 

So after you pick your bedding, a piece of furniture, and a new chair or some random funky item, it's safe to say you can get your paint color now. I'm thinking about cherry pink. Speaking of paint, you can use it for more than your walls during your room make over, which brings me to my next tip...

My last random tip is painting your furniture! Almost everyone is some sort of budgest these days, so to save money, you can always paint our furniture for a completely different look. Or, say you found a vanity on the become website, but you didnt like the color. Maybe you wanted something hot pink or lime green? I'm totally with you there. It's usually much easier and cheaper to buy a normal colored piece and then paint/decorate it yourself. And keep in mind spending a day redoing a piece of furniture for the room can also be a fun bonding experience to have with your friends, kids, parents, etc. Not only will you save money, but you will be making memories, haha, that sounds cheesy, but it's true. :)

Are any of you planning on a room make over this spring? If so what colors do you want or if you aren't, what does your room look like now? Oh, and don't forget to leave me suggestions for my own room make over! Comment below

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xo - Glamatronic

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Amy Ausbun Dorminey said...

do you have a CostPlus World Market close by? I like this one... but do not buy until you have sat in the chair and looked at the mirror. I have a vanity that I cannot use easily; I am only 5'8" but the one I have is too short... I have to sit hunched over and I gave it up a long time ago as a bad option. You can repurpose any desk as a vanity and use hat boxes on top as storage...

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