Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Apply False Eyelashes

How To Apply False Eyelashes
I've decided to share my 'vast array of knowledge' on how to apply false lashes. Haha, okay, I'm not really an encyclopedia on fake lashes, but considering I've been applying them for awhile now, I've figured out a few handy tips and tricks along the way to make it easier to apply them.

First is a step-by-step guide on how to measure, apply glue to fake lashes and just get the lashes on your eyes. Then I'm sharing a few handy tips such as easy glue application, which brands of false lashes are the best for beginners and even more!

1. First, you will need to measure the lashes by holding it against your lash-line. If it's too long, trim the ends so it fits.

2. Apply lash glue across the band. Make sure not to put too much glue because that can cause a mess and make your eyes stick together. After applying the glue, wait about thirty seconds for the glue to become somewhat tacky, not completely dry, but on the verge of drying. While waiting, you can try to figure out how you want to position your mirror. You can lay a mirror flat and look downwards or use an angle or look straight-ahead, just find what works best for you.

3. After the glue is tacky, it's time to position the lashes on your eyes. Some people find it easier to use tweezers, but I just use my fingers. Make sure not to place the lashes too far over the outer-edge of your eyes. This can make your eyes look droopy and can even create a harsh shadow under your eyes - We definitely don't want that. If you think you may have positioned it wrong, you may be able to slightly move it over before the glue completely dries. Don't worry if you fail the first few times, it takes awhile to get used applying false lashes. Just take them off and try again.

4. Once you have applied your falsies and you know the glue is done drying, you will need to re-apply eyeliner just to make sure the band of the falsies doesn't show. Liquid liner works best for this.

5. Apply Mascara. This is optional depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to look and also if your normal eyelashes blend in well with the falsies. If it seems you can see you normal lashes, applying mascara can help blend them in. If you find you still have trouble blending them, try curling with an eyelash curler. Be very careful not to damage your falsies. A lot of people recommend not curling them, but I've done it several times and never damaged mine - It can be done. :)

Buying Tips!If you want some recommendations on buying falsies, you can get lashes from ELF for only $1. These are great practice lashes if you are just beginning and afraid you will damage them. They come in both a natural and dramatic style. My favorite lashes are from NYX - They have tons of different styles, are extremely dark and they last forever. They claim to be usable up to ten times and I've used some even longer than that.

Find most falsies too Heavy? If you find most false lashes too heavy and find it annoying feeling them all day, I've found the Revlon falsies to be really lite compared most other brands. In fact, I've found some up to three-times liter than normal falsies! And if you are a beginner, don't worry if you find all lashes too heavy. It can take a few days to get use to the weight of the lashes.

Need a tip for glue? If you are having trouble squeezing the right amount of glue out of the tube (don't worry, it happens all the time) and you are tired of wasting it or just can't quite figure out the right amount to use, Revlon can save you. They have recently released a glue that comes in a tube with a little brush, similar to a liquid eyeliner. Just pull the brush out and it comes with the right amount of glue to brush along the lashes. You may sometimes need to go over the edge again, just to be safe (we don't want the edges coming unglued - that will look silly). You can find this in most drugstores for around $4

Which Style should I try? If you are just beginning with lashes, I recommend using some natural looking lashes first. You can even get partial lashes for just the outer corners of your lashes. If you can't find any corner lashes, you can create your own by cutting a pair of your normal falsies in half.:)
I tried applying some dramatic, thick lashes my first time, and never seeing myself in falsies before, I thought I looked really weird and that the lashes were way too obviously fake. It can take a few days to get used to them, but after you are, don't be afraid to branch-out and try different styles. I've found some styles that look awkward in the boxes actually look quite nice when on the eyes.


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