Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beginner Makeup Kit

If you are a beginner to makeup and aren't sure exactly what you need, you are not alone. There is such an abundance of products available that many beginners do not know how to start their makeup collection. Here are the top 10 items to consider and a few tips on the basics you need for starting your first makeup kit.

1. Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer First you will need a foundation, if you are looking for a medium to full coverage, or a tinted moisturizer for light coverage. Foundation evens skin-tone and gives a smooth palette to begin applying other products. If you are a preteen or early teen you may want to skip foundation and go for the tinted moisturizer or just skip it completely and use a powder. Foundations now come in cream, liquid, mousse, and powder finishes, so pick whichever works best for your skin type. You may want to try a few different textures to see which you like the best.

2.Concealer Concealer is used to hide blemishes, dark circles and other imperfections on the skin. If you are looking to conceal under-eye circles, I'd recommend picking a cream formula with either a yellow or pink tone to cancel out the purple or blue tone found in dark circles. For blemishes, both cream and liquids work well. If you have a lot of redness, look for a green-based concealer. Avoid powder concealers, they rarely cover anything.

3.Blush Blush adds dimension and color to your face. It can also make you appear more youthful with a healthy glow or sun-kissed look depending on your shade selection. For fair skin tones, pick a light pink and a peach. For medium skin tones pick a medium pink and coral or peach color. For dark skin tones, pick-up a berry or darkened rose and a deep mauve shade.

4. Eyeshadow Eyeshadow draws attention to the eyes and has the ability to make the eyes appear larger, change shapes and can even slightly change the color of your eyes. You should first pick a few neutral shades. Neutrals are complimentary colors for everyone that can be worn anywhere and with anything (beige, taupe, browns etc). I recommend picking out one color that is a shade lighter than your skin for a highlight, one beige or taupe shade to use all over your eyelid and one medium to dark brown to use for the crease color. It will also come in handy to have a matte white, grey and black.
Also, if you like color, try picking up an olive/green, purple and gold. These are shades that give a pop of color, but are easy to mix in with all the other shades.

5. Eyeliner Liner is used on the edges of your eyelids closest to your eyes, on the bottom lash-line and sometimes on the waterline. Eyeliner is what really gives your eyes a pop. I recommend using a pencil liner or a gel liner for beginners because they're much easier to control than liquids. The basic colors to get are black, brown, and a dark purple or dark green.

6.Powder Powder is what sets your foundation and prevents it from wearing off. It also can be used to help mattify the skin and control oil. I do NOT recommend getting the compacts with the powder puffs. Powder puffs that are used over-and-over pick up dirt and oil from your skin and spreads it into the powder. To make matters worse, most people then place the puff back into the compact on-top of the powder, allowing bacteria to constantly grow in the powder and spread, which is then spread onto your skin again. This is a very common mistake made by beginners and you should really avoid it. Always use a brush if you get a pressed powder and make sure to clean the brush often, but I recommend using a loose translucent powder because pressed powders often contain high amounts of oil.

7. Lipstick/Lip Gloss I recommend finding one pink, one nude, and one red. Find the shades that work best with your other makeup and your skin tones. Cool-tone people look for shades with a blue-undertones(mauve, blue reds, and brown-based nudes) and if you are warmed-toned look for yellow-based shades (corals, orange reds, peachy nudes).

8.Mascara Mascara helps lengthen and volumize your eyelashes, which will make your eyes appear bigger and more open. If you have blonde eyelashes it is important to always use mascara. I recommend picking up a basic black volumizing mascara.

9. Eyebrow Pencil Eyebrows are what frame your eyes and entire face. The shape and density of your browns can change your look dramatically. If you have sparse or really light brows it is important to fill them in a bit. If you have light hair, pick a shade about two shades darker than your hair color. If you have dark hair, pick a color two shades lighter than your hair.

10. Bronzer Bronzer is an optional product. You can use to warm-up your skin, give you a sun-kissed look or even contour your cheeks. Make sure to pick an appropriate shade for skin-tone. Mainly, pale tones need to make sure not to go too dark because it can result in making your skin look dirty rather than bronzed.

Finally, here are a few brands I recommend trying, and which products from them are exceptional, that are very affordable and still good quality (prefect for beginners). Wet 'N' Wild (great eyeshadows, nail polish, gel liner, blush, anything from the color icon collection is nice), NYX(exceptional single eyeshadows, megashine lipgloss, round lipsticks, lipliners, blush), Jordana (eyeliners, lip liners) and Rimmel(great lipsticks, powders, mascara and bronzers) Maybelline (foundations, mascaras), ELF(great brushes, lipsticks, mineral eyeshadows, eyeliner pens, eyelash curler, most studio line items are great).


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