Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top 5 Sexy Makeup Looks

Smokey Eyes
Use a creamy black eyeliner pencil on the lower lashes and soften it by gently rubbing (smoking it out) with a smudger brush. Trace over the black liner with shadow and smudge. Line the top lashes with a dark black liquid liner. Then use a primer potion to prime the eyes and put down a black creme base. Sweep shimmery black shadow over the upper lids and blend it up beyond the crease with a lighter shade. Highlight the brow-bone and inner corner of the eyes with a white or gold. Apply several coats of black mascara or add a pair of falsies.

Red Lips
For perfect red lips, first exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub and then prime with a lip balm to lock in moisture. After the balm has soaked in, line your lips with a red lip pencil and then color them completely in. Next use a brush to apply a long-wearing red lipstick for best accuracy. Take a tiny concealer brush and draw concealer around the edges of your lips to make the color pop even more. Apply a highlight to the cupids-bow of your upper lip. Apply a nice gloss to finish.

Cat Eyes
Use a thicker eyeliner to line the top of your eyes and go just past the corners of your eyes and flick upwards to create a fun, flirty effect.

Nude Lips
There's no easier way to get a sexy pout than a nude lip. Line your lips with a nude pencil. Choose a nude lip color that's slightly pink, they are flattering on every skin-tone, and apply gloss to only the center of the lips (this makes the lips appear fuller). Pair with a dark eye.

Glowy Skin
To achieve a dewy look, apply highlighters. Use a champagne shade if you have fair skin, a golden shade for medium skin and copper tone for dark skin. Dust the highlighter over your cheekbones, dab some to the inner corners of your eyes, the centers of your eye-lids, and on the cupids-bow of your lips.

Which is your favorite looks of the 5? If you have a different sexy makeup routine that I didn't mention, comment below and let us know what your top 5 looks are. : D


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