Friday, January 14, 2011

New Wet 'N' Wild Color Icon Trios Swatches, Pictures, Review

Wet N' Wild just released their spring-line of products including six new eyeshadow trios, lip glosses, eyeliners, and nail polishes. The six eyeshadow trios are... I'm Getting Sunburned, Spoiled Brat, Silent Treatment, I Got Good Jeans, I Dream Of Greenie and I'm feeling Retro.

Pictured Above: I'm Getting Sunburned
I'm Getting Sunburned has a pearly, light pink shade, a dark bronze with gold shimmer(this is the most pigmented shade out of all of the trios) and warm metallic gold. All of these shades are creamy and extremely pigmented. These have the best pigmentation I've seen for their price range. I think I'm Getting Sunburned is the most pigmented palette of all six and definitely recommend purchasing this one over all the other selections.
Pictured above: I'm Getting Sunburned & Spoiled Brat
Swatched Below: Spoiled Brat

Spoiled Brat is a decent trio, but not as great as the I'm Getting Sunburned palette. This trio contains a frosty silver with decent pigmentation, a sparkly black that comes of more as a charcoal gray (use it wet to achieve the color you see in the pan), and a pink with a magenta/purple duochrome finish. The texture of these are very nice, however they aren't as pigmented as the previous palette. I would still recommend getting this trio because again, for the price, these are great shadows.

Pictured Above: Silent Treatment
Silent Treatment has amazing quality. It contains a light peachy color, a deep, cool toned brown with bronze shimmer and a nice creamy taupe shade. These are extremely creamy - I love the texture. The pigmentation is also amazing. This trio is right up there with the quality of I'm Getting Sunburned.
Pictured above: Silent Treatment & I Got Good Jeans
Swatched Below: I Got Good Jeans

I Got Good Jeans also has some nice shades with great quality. There is a light blue with subtle hints of silver shimmer, a deep indigo blue with blue shimmer, and yellow-toned gold. The difference between this gold and the gold found in the I'm getting sunburned palette is this shade is lighter and more yellow-toned. The I'm Getting Sunburned gold has more of a warm bronzy/orange undertone. Again, these shades are very creamy like all the trios and have decent pigmentation.

Pictured above: I Dream of Greenie
I Dream of Greenie has amazingly bright greens. The first shade is minty green shimmer. The next shade is a medium cool-toned green with subtle gold shimmer, followed by a bright lemon/lime toned green with yellowish green shimmer. These colors come off really bright and pigmented as well as super creamy. If you are in the market for green eyeshadow, give this palette a try.
Pictured above: I Dream of Greenie & I'm Feeling Retro
I'm Feeling Retro has the worst pigmentation and texture of all the trios, but it still isn't bad. The first shade is a shimmery white, followed by a mid-tone blue with subtle teal shimmer and a magenta with a blue duochrome. The third shade comes off somewhat similar to the pink shade in the Spoiled Brat Palette, but the retro shade is more purple toned, whereas the spoiled brat is more pink. If I had to pick one trio to skip out of the six, I would chose this one. It's not a horrible palette, but when it comes to choosing one over the other, I'd eliminate this one first.
Pictured Below: I'm Feeling Retro

The packaging of these palettes is decent. There's nothing special about them and nothing bad about them. They come with one sponge-tip applicator and one brush-like applicator. I'm not sure that the brush will work well because it feels like its made of plastic and is scratchy.

These palettes are user friendly. Each shade is labeled with browbone, crease and eyelid and there is a diagram on the back explaining which area to apply the shades.

Overall, this collection of trios as a whole has amazing quality. Even ignoring the price, the I'm Getting Sunburned, Silent Treatment and I Dream Of Greenie palette are wonderful and both creamy and pigmented. The other three palettes don't quite live up to the other three, but I'd still recommend them if you want to try them all. Again, the worst of the palettes is I'm Feeling Retro because of pigmentation. The Black in Spoiled Brat is kind of disappointing, but like I mentioned, using it wet can fix that problem. These shadows are such a bargain at only $3 a trio! Watch for sales in your local Walgreens because I actually found these for 50%. Yes, I got these for only $1.50.. crazy, right?

For I'm Getting Sunburned, Silent Treatment, I Dream Of Greenie & I Got Good Jeans:
Quality: 10/10
Value: 5/5
Package: 4/5
User Friendly: 5/5
Overall: 96%

For Spoiled Brat and I'm Feeling Retro:
Quality: 8/10
Value: 5/5
Package: 4/5
User Friendly: 5/5
Overall: 88%

These Wet N Wild palettes can be found starting around the mid to end of January 2011 at most Walgreens, Walmarts, and other drugstores for around $3 each.


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@clara: yw : )

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I Absolutely Love these! Definitely Going to get some!! How exciting!!

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