Sunday, January 23, 2011

New CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Swatches, Pictures, Review

CoverGirl has recently released several new products, including the Lip Perfection Lipsticks. They claim these lipsticks are "bright, gorgeous color that can transform your day and your lips. Enriched with Silk Therapy Complex, our formula helps sustain moisture levels and helps create soft, smooth, beautiful lips in just 7 days."

The first difference I notice in these lipsticks is quality. I had purchase CoverGirl lipsticks before, I'm not sure which line they were from, but they were ones in the blue plastic tubes... and those lipsticks were horrible. CoverGirl has dramatically improved the quality in their lip colors by a mile compared to their previous ones.

The formula is somewhat moisturizing. I don't have any problems with a drying effect and these can be worn without a lipgloss. As far as improving the quality of your lips in just 7 days, I'm not really sure. I haven't noticed any difference in my lips from using them.

Pictured Above: Sultry, Delish, Heavenly, Spellbound, Divine, FairyTale

Packaging for these lipsticks is nice. They come in a sturdy purple case and the lipstick rolls entirely down so you don't have to worry hitting it with the cap. The color swatches on the bottom are very accurate. If you looks closely, you can even tell which colors have shimmer in them from the color on the bottom the tube. I still wish they would just list whether each individual color were a cream, frost, pearl, etc., but so far I haven't mistakenly picked up a wrong finish.

One thing I really love about this new line is the amount of cream finishes. I like my lipsticks to not have any frost or shimmer in them. If I want shimmer, I'll add a lipgloss. It seems rather hard to find unique shades and cream shades in the drugstore, so bonus points to CoverGirl for doing both with this line.

The shade range is wonderful with this line. Hot pinks, Corals, Reds, Nudes, Berries and even Purples. I was really excited to see the nice purples. The shade Devine, for example, is a mid-tone purple with a hint of mauve, a color you rarely see in drugstores.

Pictured Above: Sultry, Delish, Heavenly, Spellbound, Divine, FairyTale
*Sultry is a nude toned lipstick. It appears really brown on my skin, but keep in mind I am extremely pale, so it isn't a dark brown at all. Sultry is a nice light to medium nude and does not really have any pinky undertones. Compared to the two other nudes I have swatched, Delish and Heavenly, it is the most neutral.
*DelishDelish is a light nude shade with a very slight pink tone. However, it is much less pink than toned than Heavenly and is a couple shades lighter than Sultry.
*Heavenly could be considered both a nude and a coral. It's a fairly light shade, so it will probably be best for light and medium skin tones. If you are looking for a really pink or coral toned nude, then Heavenly will be perfect for you.
*Spellbound is a medium hot pink shade with blue undertones, which means it leans towards an almost fuschia color. It looks really bright swatched, but it can be toned on the lips or built up to be brighter. Compared to the color on the right, Divine, Spellbound is way more pink and about a shade darker. If you like shades like spellbound and want a recommendation on which nude you would enjoy most out of these, I'd say go with Sultry.
*Divineis my favorite of the group. It's a light to medium mauvey purple. It looks a little more purple in the actual tube than it does on the lips. Don't let the color in the tube scare you. It's actually quite natural, just with a little bit of a twist or pop of color added to it. And like most of the other lipsticks, you can layer the color up to make it look a bit more dramatic.
*FairyTale is just a tad bit brighter than it looks swatched in the picture. It's a medium coral pink shade, which means it leans more towards orange tones rather than blue. It will look really lovely on fair skin, but also good on medium skin as well. If you are looking for a nice coral, I'd check FairyTale out. If you end up liking FairyTale and then decide you want a nude a shade, go with Heavenly because it has the same coral undertones as FairyTale.

Here's a list of all the colors available separated by category:
Browns: Sultry, Smolder, Bewitch, Impassion, Hypnotic, Enthrall, Captivate, Fervor, Enchant, Smoky Enamor
Lilacs/Mauves: Smitten, Precious, Soulmate, Spellbound, Divine, Embrace, Entwined, Everlasting, Eternal, Tempt, Euphoria, Enchantress
Nudes/Corals/Red: Delish, Heavenly, Romance, Rush, Kiss, Rapture, Temptation, Burn, Rich, Flame, Hot
Pinks/Roses: Verve, Coquette, Dazzle, Feline, Sweetheart, Darling, Temptress, Fairytale, Delight, Siren


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the swatches - very helpful!

Lauren said...

thanks for the swatches! i like heavenly and fairytale the most :)

Glamatronic said...


Anonymous said...

Great swatches, i love these lipsticks I have delish and kiss cant wait to get sultry and heavenly.

Ashley Ross said...

I love this post! I just did a review & swatches blog post on these lipsticks in some great colours for spring!! Would love if you beautiful ladies would give it a look! Would love some colour suggestions as well XO

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