Sunday, January 30, 2011

How-To Kim Kardashian SAG Awards 2011 Makeup

Kim Kardasian stepped away from her smokey-eye look and did a more natural look for the SAG Awards on January 30, 2011. She sported a bright purple gown with silver beading and diamond drop earrings.

Kim's makeup was extremely natural, aside from the fake spider-like eyelashes. Her look can be duplicated very easily.

*First, apply foundation or tinted moisturizes all over the face to even out the skin-tone.

*Next apply an eyeshadow all over the lid that's almost the same color as your skin. Do a thin line of black liquid liner around the top of the eyes and apply a charcoal color to the bottom lash-line going only halfway in and be very light-handed. Slightly smudge the charcoal so it looks natural. Apply a coat of mascara to the bottom lashes and apply some false lashes to the top. Try layering two pairs of the Ardell 134 lashes to achieve a spider-lash look like Kim's.

*For nude, glossy lips, use Revlon Soft Nude and top it off with NYX Lip Gloss in Whipped.

What do you think of Kim's look? I think the spider lashes are a bit much, but she did the right thing pairing them with a nude eye rather than her usual smokey.

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HiLLjO said...

I love it. I wear no makeup daily and when I do dress and wear makeup I do a flushed pink version of this. Really pretty.

kate said...

Kim Kardashian and Lala Vazquez at Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011 Fashion Show

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