Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 Quick Tips To Spice Up Your Winter

Are you feeling blah because of the winter weather? Here are a few beauty tips to liven things up a bit.

-Try a pretty red or plum lip color. A lot of women are intimidated by red lip color, but the fall and winter months are the easiest time to pull-off these dramatic shades. Just try it out and see what you think. If you find it is just too much for you to handle, try simple dabbing the lipstick on lightly and spreading the color with your finger to achieve more of a stained look.

- Wear a scarf in your hair. Change the way you wear your scarf this winter and wear it as a hair accessory. Tie it around the top of your head for a nice headband or tie it around the back of you hair for a twist.

-Have fun with your nail colors! This season's most trendy color may look fashion-forward, but let's face it, greige just isn't a color that makes most feel fun. So break-out the hot pinks and sparkle nail polish. You can even add the sparkle on-top of the greige if you aren't feeling hot pinks right now.

-Style your hair in a way you almost never style it. Do you always wear your hair curly? Then do it straight. Always wear it up? Then wear it completely down. This is simple and fun way to change up your look for winter.

-Is the windy weather making hair look way beyond a sexy wind-blown look? To combat frizz and flyaway when you may not have hairspray or serum around,try grabbing your travel bottle of hand cream from your purse. Rub a small dollop into the palm of your hand and then onto the hair.

-Wear some fun, false lashes for no reason. Most people save false lashes for special occasions, but why not pull-out your favorite pair and wear them to grocery store or work? Wearing false lashes is a sure way to feel fun and sexy during the gloomy winter months.

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