Thursday, January 20, 2011

1ST Annual Glamatronic Beauty Awards Part1

The 1st Annual Glamatronic Beauty Awards are here! I've decided to share a list of all my favorite beauty products from 2010. Here's Part 1!

1. Best Eyeshadow
*Low-End: NYX Single Eyeshadows. $4 With a huge array of colors and finishes, amazing color payoff and creamy texture, NYX is without a doubt my pick for best eyeshadow this year. They have several MAC dupes, and may I dare say, some of the nyx dupes are better than their MAC counterparts? Yes, it's true. And at only $4 an eyeshadow? Pure craziness. If you haven't checked out NYX, you really should. Some of my favorites from them are...
Iced Mocha (a taupe similar to MAC Satin Taupe), Red Pink (A hot pink), Cherry (a pink toned red), Yellow Funk (a bright, true yellow), Smokey Mountain (a dark brown with lovely gold shimmer), Ultimatum (a cream color with a slight pink tone, kind of similar to Stila Kitten, great for pinup looks and natural eyes), Golden Dune (similar to iced mocha but more golden, of course), Luxor ( a pink with purple duochrome, dupe for MAC Stars and Rockets), Matte Turquoise (a matte blue/turquoise). Okay, clearly I have way too many favorites, but you get the idea.
High-End: Too Faced & MAC (TF $16 - MAC $14.50) Okay, I couldn't pick just one. If Too Faced has the best texture and overall color payoff, but MAC has the variety of shades and bright colors that I love. I just couldn't choose. So I picked both. Yes, I can pick two, it's my own awards haha. For Too Faced, I'm in love with their golds and bronzes. I've never met any brand with such payoff and texture as the too faced shadows. They are pure butter and pigment, so lovely and beautiful. I recommend starting off with the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit for the best value because you get an array of natural shades in both matte, satin, and shimmer finishes.
MAC, it seems most people loves or hates them, with the majority being love. I admit they do sometimes depend too much on new limited edition collections which are always over-hyped, but when you get to the root of their products and permanent collections, they are amazing. Their pricing is at the low end of the high-end $14.50, but that doesn't effect their quality at all. MAC is known for excellent color payoff in amazingly bright shades, as well as neutrals. They have something for everyone.

2. Best Lipstick
*Low-End: NYX Round Lipsticks $3
Yes, NYX gets another award. They really are an amazing brand. These lipsticks are super creamy and amazingly pigmented and at only $3. Their one fault is staying power, they do tend to rub-off in three hours or so, but they don't claim to be long-lasting, and neither does any other lipstick selling for only $3. Again, they have an array of shades and finishes just like their eyeshadows and are amazing quality for the price. My favorite shades are, Snow White ( a deep blue-toned red), Circe ( a light nude), Honey (a medium nude), Strawberry Milk (a light, baby pink), Paris (matte mid-toned pink). Here's a link to a previous post of mine with swatches of some NYX Lipsticks. Click Here For NYX Lipstick Swatches
*High-End: Mac Lipsticks Mac is my favorite lipstick by far, of any lipstick I have every tried. If I could only pick one brand of lipsticks for the rest of my life, It would be MAC. That's how intense my love for these lipsticks goes. Not only do they have the best array of colors and finishes, but they have a lovely vanilla scent that makes you almost want to taste them. Perhaps one of the unique and great things about MAC lipsticks is the Viva Glam series. Each lipstick purchased from Viva Glam donates 100% of proceeds to AIDS research. Not only is MAC charitable, they care about the environment and give you free products in return for you helping do your part. Simply trade in six empty containers of eyeshadows, lipsticks, or anything, and you can get a free lipsticks. My favorite shades are Saint Germain (a light blue-toned pink), Creme D' Nude (a nude), Ruby Woo ( a blue-toned matte red), Impassioned (bright medium to dark pink).

3. Best Mascara
*Low-End: L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black $6
This mascara gives me the most volume out of any drugstore brand mascara. It is super black, separates my lashes, while adding a little bit of length, and adds tons of volume.
*High-End: Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash $22 This mascara has a very similar effect on my lashes to the L'Oreal Voluminous except with a bit more lengthening. It's super dark and volumizing and made for sensitive eyes. It is definitely a great mascara. As an added bonus, you can usually find this mascara in a package with a free bottle of MUFE eye makeup remover.

4. Best Powder Blush
*Low-End: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blush Singles $3
The Wet N Wild Color Icon Series is amazing. They've really stepped up their game lately. This blush is so pigmented one extremely light tap covers your brush with color. As of right now there are only four blushes I can find stores near me, but they come in both matte and shimmer finishes, which is always a plus. My favorite shades are Heather Silk and Mellow Wine.
*High-End: MAC Powder Blush $18.50 So I don't really have a stand-out high-end blush. I do enjoy MAC Blushes, but I suppose I haven't tried enough expensive blushes to find a super amazing, omg, type of blush. If you have an recommendations, let me know. I rarely find blushes that blend well, don't break me out, and look natural on my super pale skin. However, MAC does have some nice blushes, plenty of colors, and they have a nice creamy texture, so they are pick for favorite high-end blush this year.

5. Best LipGloss
*Low-End: NYX Goddess of the Night Lipgloss $5
These lip glosses are Amazing. They have all sorts of finishes and opacities to fit what you are looking for. They have a subtle cherry scent, which I happen be in love with. I like my glosses to have a nice scent. They are really creamy, and have some lovely colors. One of my favorites is Dolly Pink ( a hot, blue-toned magenta/pink) Smokey Look (a coral pink), and Plush Red (a deep matte red).
*High-End: Stila Lip Enamel Luxe Gloss $22 These glosses are so opaque, it's like they aren't even a gloss. You don't need to wear anything under these because they are plenty pigmented without a likpstick on. I'm totally in love with the shade giggle. It's an insanely hot, neon pink. I've never seen another pink this bright and opaque in lip gloss form. These are a bit sticky, but they are so pretty, I really don't mind. I definately recommend these if you are looking for a lipgloss that can double for both a lipstick and gloss.

6. Best Foundation
*Low-End: Revlon Colorstay Foundation $11
Revlon Colorstay has to be the highest quality drugstore foundation out there. It's the only cheaper foundation I've found that lasts throughout the entire day for me. I live in the southern US where it tends to be hot and humid the majority of the year, so most foundations just slide off my face within an hour. Revlon Colorstay stays put. It's also one of the very few foundations that doesn't break my skin out. I have really sensitive skin that reacts with most foundations I try, but this foundation doesn't give me any problems. Another great thing about this foundation is that it comes in a variety of shades, as well as in two formulas, one for oily/combo skin and one for normal/dry skin.
*High-End: Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet $40 MUFE is a quality foundation, but with quality comes a high sticker price. If you can afford higher priced foundations and are looking for the best, this is my recommendation. However, unless you are doing a photoshoot, modeling, on tv, etc... this isn't a necessity. With that being said, it is one of the best foundations I have found, though. It provides a flawlessly smooth finish like no other. It controls oil wonderfully and keeps your face matte all day long. It shrinks the appearance of my porse as well. It's really a top foundation. If you have dry skin, though, I do not recommend this, but you can try the MUFE Face & Body Liquid Makeup which is also a top quality foundation, but with moisturizing effects instead of mattifying.

7. Best Liquid Liner
*Low-End: NYC Liquid Liner $3
This is the best liquid liner I have found for this price. It doesn't smear, it's waterproof, it doesn't crackle, and it's super dark. I love it. The brush is shaped just right to line across the top lash line and has a small enough tip to do a cat-eye. You really need to try this eyeliner if you haven't already.
*High End: Urban Decay Liquid Liner $18 UD liquid liner is amazing. It's super opaque and applies so smoothly, it's like a dream. This liner comes in a variety of colors including a metallic lime green, a bright purple, a metallic red, and even more. You can often find these at CCO's and other random places for around ten dollars. You can't beat that, right? Urban Decay also is animal friendly, and several items are even vegan. You can go on their website for a list of these items. Favorite Shades, Gash (red), Minx(Teal), Ecstasy (metallic purple).

8. Best Pencil Liner
*Low-End: L'Oreal Lineare Intense Liquid Pencil Liner $8
I love this pencil liner. A lot of pencil liners do not mark on my eyes, so if you have this problem as well, be at ease in knowing this marks extremely dark and smooth on all eyes. It even marks well on my water-line without irritation (yes, I have sensitive eyes too). It does come really close to looking like a liquid liner, rather than a pencil. I'd say this would be a near dupe for the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, but the L'Oreal doesn't stay quite as long as the UD, and unfortunately, it doesn't come in several bright colors. L'Oreal, if you're out there reading things, give us some more bright colors!
*High-End: Urban Decay 24/7 Liner $17 Hands-down, the BEST pencil liners ever! These are so super smooth, come in every color imaginable, and they don't smudge on my eyes at all. I always have trouble keeping pencil liners in place, but these do the job. And they are oh, so smooth. They mark like a dream... and they're so pretty. Love, love, love. You have to try these. My favorite shade is Eldarado, an intense liquid gold shade.

9. Best Finishing Powder
*Low-End: ELF High Definition Finishing Powder $6
ELF is a great brand overall. They offer several products for super cheap, but with great quality. Their High Definition Powder has to be one of the best products they offer. This is an extremely finely milled powder, translucent in color, that doesn't only make your makeup stay in place, but smooths your skin and minimizes the appearance of pores all at once. This stuff is amazing. And, you can almost always find coupons for elf for $5 off, 25% off, and even 50% off. Never make an order with EyesLipsFace without checking for coupons first, because this company is amazing at offering deals... which is one of my favorite things about them. Thanks, Elf : )
High-End: Make Up For Ever HD Powder $15-$30 Honestly, this is almost exactly the same as the ELF HD Powder. It's an amazing powder, has the same effects, but it costs way more. If you prefer sticking to the higher-end brands, though, MUFE makes the best finishing powder. But if you want a cheap dupe, the ELF HD Powder is pretty much exactly the same in almost every way. The MUFE powder is silky smooth, translucent in color, smooths the skin, and shrinks pores, which is everything a person looks for in a finishing powder. Overall, it's a great powder, but pretty much the same as ELF's.

Be sure to check back in a couple days for part 2 of the beauty awards including best overall brand of the year, best nailpolish, best scented lotions, best shampoo, best bronzer, best makeup brushes, and even more!
- <3 Glamatronic


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