Friday, August 20, 2010

Elf Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils and Back To School Palettes

Hey everyone! I recently purchased the new ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils and two of their back to school eyeshadow palettes. You can watch my video on youtube to see live swatches and reviews, which will be posted at the end of the of this entry, but below are some more upclose and brighter swatches as well as my opinion on the products.

ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils
The Elf shimmer pencils are only $1 and come in nine different shades. I purchased four of the shades, Plum Passion, Black Bandit, Iconic Ivory, and Twinkle Teal.

My favorite of these shades is Twinkle teal. It looks amazing paired with or put over black eyeliner or shadow. As far as the eyeliner having specks of glitter like they claim to have, I can barely see any shimmer. However, they are still really pretty.

Swatches of Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, Iconic Ivory, and Black Bandit below

The liners are somewhat creamy and I don't have any problems with them dragging on my eyes. They are not water or smudge proof, so you have to be careful not to touch your eyes with this liner on. You can also slightly warm-up the liner to make them even creamier, which will then make the color brighter.

I do not recommend the Iconic Ivory liner. It barely shows up and it is not as creamy as the others. However, I highly recommend all of the other colors. For just $1, they are a great deal.

ELF Back To School Eyeshadow Palettes
Elf has made a line of products including glosses, eyeliners, eyeshadows and more for back to school. The palettes I purchased are the $3 ones with six shadows each. They come in two shades, Neutrals and Smokeys. There are some pictures below of the swatches.

The Neutrals Palette

The neutrals contained several shades that were very close to my skin tone, so you will not really be able to the swatches of them. Also, if you are pale as I am, I probably would recommend getting the Smokeys palette instead because so many of the neutral shades will just blend into your skin.

Neutral Swatches

An upclose look at the Smokeys Palette

The Smokeys palette is much more pigmented than the Neutrals palette. It contains a pearly white a unique olive color with a hint of silver and gold, a lilac with silver glitter, a maroon and a black with silver sparkles. Swatches of the Smokey Palette are below.

The one negative trait of these shadows is their powdery form. They get really messy and you will get powder all of your palettes. Be sure to tap off your brush several times before applying to your lid or you will get major fallout.

Overall, I would recommend these products, at only 50cents an eyeshadow, they are well worth it. If you have to pick just one, go for the Smokey. It's definitely the star of the two palettes.


Anonymous said...

the teal and purple liner look pretty. what other colors did they have? wait i can look on there website lol

badloi said...

you have a wonderful blog...keep it up..

bestessays is what I am hoping for..


Jasmine said...

just did a whole review on these lipsticks! with swatches and everything.

I have alot of reviews of elf products! enjoy

Helen said...

You have the shimmer pencils to! Do a look with these please

Anonymous said...

love these, ty!

Gail said...

I need that teal

Gail said...

oh and do ya have the new cream blushes can you review them?

Author said...

Definitely amazing colors we see here. Thanks for this great post.

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